Friday, June 1, 2018

toddler time: prop song for BALLOON theme

today, we had a wonderful program all about BALLOONS!

inside my mystery box, i found three balloons. i actually pulled out the blue one first & blew it up, then we sang this song:

Oh I wish i was a bouncy blue balloon! (clap clap)
Oh I wish i was a bouncy blue balloon! (clap clap)
i would float up in the air
then i'd POP without a care!
Oh I wish i was a bouncy blue balloon! (clap clap)

when i pulled out the next balloon, i asked everyone to guess what color it was, then I'd repeat the song with the new color. it was awesome!

my first group barely made it thru the Faulkner book, which usually works great for me. maybe too long? with a HUGE group for my second session, i skipped it completely and only read the Yonezu book which everyone LOVED!!!!! no time for the rabbit one today but i think its a good choice for this theme.

i found an amazing song for my balloon prop song!! It's Maple Leaf Learning's Balloon Song. after waaayyy too much time deliberating the best & easiest way to make my balloons, i decided to cut them from construction paper, then laminate for durability. i tried to find clipart ones but couldn't find exactly what i had in mind. anyway, i hot glued clothespins to the backs to make my balloons easier to hold. 

this simple song was a highlight of the program!! just pulled them from my basket box one at a time as we sang the song.

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