Friday, May 18, 2018

toddler time: a shape in my pocket!

Mystery Box: Today we found something sticking out of our polkadot box! The lid is popping off! It’s Peekaboo Octopus!

Octopus has lots of legs and also POCKETS! Let’s look inside his pockets & see what’s there.

Prop Song: There’s Something in My Pocket

Modified from Jean Warren. She calls it the "Surprise Apron" Song. I don't have one of those so i used the octopus instead!

After we found a circle, a triangle and a square, we matched each shape to the correct box...

...and checked out the other items inside!

I love these boxes from Lakeshore Learning! Our CIRCLE box contained a cookie & a wheel! Our TRIANGLE box held a watermelon slice as well as a slice of pizza. The SQUARE one had a present and a waffle inside. I was nervous this activity might be too long for their attention spans but I’m really happy that I gave it a try because I think it really helped to show the kids “real life” shapes.

Prop Song #2: Hold Your Shapes

At this point, I handed out clip art shapes to each child asking, “what shape do you have?” Then, we sang:

Hold your circles high
Triangles touch the ground
Put your squares on your head
Let’s all spin around!

Put your circle on your shoulder
Square jump up & down
If you have a triangle
Wave it all around!

The tune I used is The Farmer in the Dell. Most of the kids just did the whole song no matter what shape they held but it was very fun! My adorable clipart shapes were purchased on ETSY.

Books We Read:
Peek in My Pocket- Carter (sooo cute, really held their attention!)

Flannel Board: Shape Monster

Shape Monster is so hungry! Good thing he brought his lunch today!

Do you think Shape Monster eats pizza???? NOOOOO!
Do you think he likes cookies? NOOOOOOOOOO!
Do you think he eats SHAPES????? YESSS!
Let’s see what he brought for lunch today! 
Do you think we’ll find shapes in his lunch box? 

Shape Monster, Shape Monster
How about a triangle for your lunch??

I used these Target felt shapes that I LOVE! We repeated the rhyme for each shape as I placed it on the board. When all the shapes were on the board, I showed them the empty lunch box & said...

Shape Monster, Shape Monster
Hope you enjoyed your yummy shaped lunch!

How many shapes did the Shape Monster eat today? We counted them up together.

Craft: Shape Necklaces

I purchased yarn laces & foam beads; one bag of beads was enough for both sessions today so it wasn’t too expensive in the end. I was able to give everyone a pretty decent amount of beads, too.

I also printed some shapes on white paper for kids to color, trace, practice scissor skills or make into popsicle stick Shape Puppets.

A wonderful theme today! Everything went really well! Session #1 was decent sized, about 18 kids. Session #2 was huge so we skipped the Hold Your Shapes part bc I was afraid that a.) I might run out of shapes and b.) handing out shapes might end with total chaos. As Pete the Cat always says, it’s all good!

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