Friday, May 11, 2018

toddler time: marvelous moms 2

Mystery Box: Today we found 5 little monkeys in our polkadot box! 

I put them on my hand then we counted them together. I handed out monkey popsicle stick puppets for all the kids and we did “Hold Your Monkey Up High”

Before we started Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed,  I told everyone that someone we really need is missing for this story: MAMA MONKEY!

I made my monkey puppet a little headband this morning using some elastic & a plastic flower – so cute!

Puppet Song: Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

At the end, I asked how many monkeys were left? None!

“Thank goodness!” said the Mama Monkey. “Now I can go to bed!”

Books We Read:
Little White Fish - Guido van Genechten

The Little White Fish books are so awesome! this one is perfect for today's theme and its the perfect length for toddlers. the color & animal identification on each page makes the story super interactive.

Flannel Board: Five Little Flower Baskets

I adapted this rhyme from one we did a couple years ago. Then, I used kid's names and gave the baskets to their moms. Today, i decided to use puppets and to be a little more inclusive, we gave them to special ladies instead.

5 flower baskets sitting on the floor
Hedgehog gave one to his grandma
Now there are 4

4 flower baskets pretty as can be
Elephant gave one to his aunt
Now there are 3

3 flower baskets of purple, red & blue
Penguin gave one to his babysitter
Now there are 2

2 flower baskets bright as the sun
Hamster gave one to his neighbor
Now there is 1

One flower basket a very special one
Baby Bird gave it to his mom
Now there are NONE!

Craft #1: Mother’s Day Flower Seed Packets

I printed seed packet templates from TPT on pretty paper for the kids to color. After the grown ups tape it up, I add a spoonful of seeds so they can plant them at home.

Craft #2: We also made pretty flowers using green straws and colorful cardstock! Found the idea & free template HERE.

Both sessions really excellent and normal sized YAY! I liked most everything about this program! I heard some of the parents comment how cute the crafts were so that was nice.

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