Friday, May 4, 2018

toddler time: don't count your buttons!

Mystery Box: Today, we found PETE THE CAT in our polkadot box! Can you say hello to Pete?

i love love love this puppet! actually i love anything Pete related! i have been a huge fan ever since I Love My White Shoes.

Pete the Cat Puppet Song: 

Who do we love? Pete the cat, Pete the cat, Pete the cat!
Who do we love? Pete the cat

Check out Pete's shirt! what color is it? YELLOW!!

Pete the cat wears a yellow shirt, yellow shirt, yellow shirt
Pete the cat wears a yellow shirt 

What does Pete have on his feet? Shoes! What colors are they?

Pete the cat wears two cool shoes, two cool shoes, two cool shoes
Pete the cat wears two cool shoes 

What are these things on Pete's shirt? Buttons! Who else has buttons today? Let's count them together!

Pete the Cat has 4 little buttons, 4 little buttons, 4 little buttons
Pete the Cat has 4 little buttons 

Guess what! Pete actually has one more button! would you like to see it? His belly button!!!! 

i lifted Pete's shirt to show his little white belly button and many of the kids lifted their own shirts & dresses to show me theirs! it was hilarious!

Books We Read:
Pete the Cat & His Four Groovy Buttons - Litwin

Prop Song: Hold Your Button Up!

Of course, this morning i suddenly decided that i needed paper buttons to hand out at the program so i printed & cut 60 paper buttons. if that wasn't enough last minute work, i thought wouldn't it be great if i used a hole punch to make real button holes so there i am, 20 minutes before class, hole punching away! am i the only person to come up with these awesome last minute ideas? i cannot be the only one who does this. i feel like a crazy person sometimes! but it was great handing them out to the kids! then i'd hold up each color & ask who has a pink button? whose is red? etc. 


Flannel Board: Pete’s Missing Buttons

Pete is so sad! He cannot find any of his groovy buttons. Maybe one of his friends found a button! Can you help me look?

Pete lost all his buttons! Where can they be?
Does Elmo have a button?
Let’s look & see!
(REVEAL! Repeat with the other characters until all the buttons are found & count them up.)

i used real plastic buttons with sticky velcro dots on the back so they are a little small but the kids didn't care one bit. the kids loved finding out what color button was under each of Pete's "friends."

Craft: Pete the Cat Paper Plate Craft

I printed & pre-cut paper Petes for everyone to color. then we glued them onto mini paper plates. We had some adorable button stickers so we decorated our plates with those, then attached a white ribbon for easy hanging.

My first session was a little wild at first but pretty great. the second one was completely mobbed! Some of the moms asked if I needed a drink afterward, it was that crazy!! 

Luckily, today’s theme was super fun, everyone loved Pete the Cat! I loved my puppet song! And the flannel board game was awesome! Craft was fun too. A fun day but hopefully things are a little bit calmer next week. Considering changing to a ticketed system to keep the number of kids to a reasonable number.

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