Friday, April 13, 2018

toddler time: flowers & spring!

Mystery Box: Today we found a flower in our polkadot box! 

What color is our flower?

Prop Song:

I’m a pretty flower
Tall & thin
Here are my petals, here is my stem.
When the sun comes up
And the rain comes down
I grow grow grow up from the ground!
(tune: I’m a Little Teapot)

Books We Read:
Mouse’s First Springtime- a little longer than my usual books but made it more interactive by saying hello & goodbye to each friend Mouse encounters in the story. Perfect for spring!
Guess What Flowers- Yonezu -- amazing!

Flannel Board: Let’s Make a Flower Garden!

Can you help me plant a flower garden? My flower box is empty! (another AMAZING Target dollar section find!!!)

first, we rake the dirt! first, we rake the dirt!
hi ho & cheerio, first we rake the dirt

next we plant the seeds, next we plant the seeds
Hi ho & cheerio, next we plant the seeds.

we water every day…

The sun begins to shine…

The plants begin to grow…

The flowers smile at us…

How many flowers did we grow in our garden? Let's count them together!

Prop Song: 5 Pretty Flowers

I bought these flowers on amazon and the felt dollars are from Target (dollar section of course!)

5 pretty flowers at the flower store
5 pretty flowers, who are they for?
Along came _________ with a dollar to pay
S/He picks the red one and takes it away!

(Countdown to an empty vase...)

No pretty flowers at the flower store
No pretty flowers left anymore
When the flowers are gone, I miss them so much
When they get more flowers, i’ll buy a whole bunch!!

for the first time ever, i put the kids' names into the story & they loved it! for the second session, i doubled up & said 2 names for each flower.

 Craft: Happy Flower Craft

I pre-cut the stems, leaves & flowers so kids could just color & paste! We put smiley face stickers on our flowers too! Everyone loved making their own smiley flowers!

Two large classes today on the first really nice day in a looonngg time! Was planning to do umbrellas & rain this week but this spring has been so cold and depressing, I decided to do something more cheery! LOVED my craft and prop/felt stories today!

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