Monday, April 30, 2018

rain, rain, go away!

with all the cold, rainy weather this month, i was inspired to update my rain & umbrella themed programs! 

first up, a puppet song for my Baby & Me class!

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after reading this cute (but short) board book, i took out a bag filled with puppets.

we substituted each animal for the phrase "little children" in the song. it was super fun to see who would appear from my blue bag next! 

we sang:

Rain, rain - go away,
Come again another day. Little MOUSIE wants to play so Rain, rain go away

then for I'd ask, what does a mouse (or kitty or froggy, etc.) say & everyone would make the sound.

Turtle went last & i admitted that i had no idea what turtles said and asked for their suggestions! this turtle can clap so i would clap his little hands and sing verses of If You're Happy & You Know It for each animal as i returned them to my blue bag:

If you're happy & you know it, clap your hands...
If you're a frog & you know it, say RIBBIT RIBBIT...

anyway, this was a great way to extend the story! i found this fabulous idea in Story Time Success by Katie Fitzgerald & I can't wait to use it again!

last week, it was Toddler Time's turn for a rain theme and it worked out perfectly with the weather that day!

In my Mystery Box, I hid a happy cloud with raindrops (just clipart laminated & taped to a popsicle stick!) & we sang:

It is raining, it is raining
on my head, on my head!
pitter pitter patter, pitter pitter patter
i'm all WET! i'm all WET!

we repeated it with knees and feet i think.

i added a new-ish book called Singing in the Rain by Hopgood. i am just CRAZY about this book! i love the colorful illustrations and the adorable children; the bright colors are so cheerful. however, the idea of singing this song out loud was a little intimidating to me for some reason, maybe because its so famous?? i found myself warning the parents that I was not Gene Kelly so they wouldn't be too disappointed by my rendition. then, all the grownups would chuckle & i would relax & sing the story.

one last addition to this theme for Toddler Time was Laurie Berkner's song Boots. i love all her music so much, its so wonderful for storytime. i have been trying to figure out props or a felt board for this one for months & really wanted to use it this week. i happened to be looking at clipart on etsy when i found some art that worked perfectly with the verses of the song so i printed them out, laminated everything & stuck it on to jumbo popsicle sticks.

i used the video version of the song not the cd version bc the kinds of boots actually vary slightly. my favorites are the frog boots which were just green boots until I added sticky felt frog faces from Michaels! 

right before we started the song, i asked the kids if anyone was wearing rain boots today. then i took off my black ballet flats & changed into my own boots i'd tucked away in the corner. 

they happen to look almost exactly like the clipart dancing boots! 

The Boots song was probably the highlight of the program for me.

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