Friday, September 15, 2017

toddler time: let's bake a cake!

Mystery Box: Inside our polka dotted box, we found a doggy! This is my friend Fuzzy! Can you say hi to him? He is sooo soft, do you want to pet Fuzzy?

Guess what? Today is Fuzzy’s BIRTHDAY and I have some presents for him, would you like to see them?

A birthday hat! ( i made this with a paper cone, stickers, a pompom and a little elastic!)
A new bowl – what color?
A new ball- what color?
A big slice of pizza! Do dogs like pizza? Fuzzy says no! that’s ok I’ll eat it!
Anything else? A cookie!! Oh wait that’s for me too!
Oh and don’t forget: 

a birthday cake!  With lots of candles! Let’s count them together - 1 2 3 4 5 and one more for good luck! Fuzzy is five years old, wow that’s old, Fuzzy!

Oh wait, there is one more present, what is in this shiny box? A cheeseburger? A new dress? a teddy bear? 

No, it’s a new friend for Fuzzy! 
How many dogs do we have now? 1, 2!!

Books We Read:
Spot Bakes a Birthday Cake- Hill
Where Is Baby's Birthday Cake- Katz

Prop Story: Let's Bake a Cake

I made this prop a few years back based on a blog post found HERE 

Would you guys like to make a birthday cake? What should we put in our cake?
Flour, sugar, butter, eggs...
how about some chocolate?
and strawberries?

Stir it up!
Put it in the oven to bake!

After our next book & song...
Hmmm I smell something delicious! I think our cake is ready, should we check it to see?

I opened up the oven (my media cabinet!) and pulled out our cake. I mean, our box!

I showed everyone our cake which has clothespins on the back so i can attach it to the box. 
what's missing on our cake?  we put candles on as we counted them together. 
then we lit the candles and sang "Happy Birthday". 
we had a special rhyme for blowing out our candles. we held up five fingers and blew out the candles together:

Five Birthday Candles
5 birthday candles, wish there were more, blow out one (blow), and then there are 4
4 birthday candles, pretty as can be, blow out one (blow), and then there are 3
3 birthday candles, mother bought them new, blow out one (blow), and then there are 2
2 birthday candles, birthday cakes are fun, blow out one (blow), and then there is 1
1 birthday candle, now we're almost done, but blow out one, then there are none!

Craft: Paper Plate Cupcakes with sprinkle and candles

I found this idea HERE. it was so easy to prep! first, we printed & cut the cupcake bottoms - just colorful paper. next, just cut paper plates in half for the tops! 

i had some round paper confetti left over from my butterfly program so we glued the pretty tissue paper circles onto our cupcakes along with a candle (also printed on my color printer and pre-cut)

our cupcakes came out sooo cute!! many parents wrote the children's names on them!

today, one of our regular families had a bday so i thought this would be a cute theme for her. i did the same thing a little over a year ago but i switched up all of books & puppets just for fun. 

i loved my puppet story about Fuzzy and the cake baking part. Also the craft was amazing and the books were perfect -- so a great day! 

soooo many people today, i ran out of cupcake tops & had to cut more but i had enough of everything else. both groups about 25 kids each which means 50 or so total toddlers!

one of my favorite moments of the day was one little girl who loved blowing on the candles of her cupcake craft as they left the program room; it was so cute!

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