Monday, August 28, 2017

toddler time:everybody wants to be a cat!

Mystery Box: Inside our polka dotted box, we found a CAT! What does a cat say? Meow!

Puppet Song: I’m a Little Cat (tune: I’m a Little Teapot)

I’m a little cat
So soft & furry.(pet cat)
I’ll be your friend
Don’t you worry.(wave finger back & forth for NO)
Right up on your lap I love to hop (tap your lap then hop)
I’ll purr purr purr & never stop!

Books We Read: 
Cat’s Colors- Cabrera (LOVED! so bright & colorful, kids were mesmerized, parents love the "awwww" ending)
Sleepy Kitties- Daurio (i love moving the attached finger puppet kitties. i even printed, laminated and attached a little brush for the brushing part; the kids love that!)

other awesome cat books!

Flannel Board: Beach Kitties

So I started with 5 cute clipart cats on my board.Let's count them together!

5 cute kitties lying in the sun (show sun puppet)
Down at the beach having lots of fun. (clap 3 times; on lots---of---fun)
One kitty takes a swim so we wave goodbye (wave)
4 cute kitties still left behind.


as we said goodbye to each kitty, i flipped them over so we just had a towel.

when all the cats were gone, we did the final verse and brought them all back again:

No cute kitties lying in the sun. 
No one at the beach having lots of fun.
WAIT! Here come all the kitties so we say hello!
5 cute kitties, we missed them so!

Puppet Song #2: "Kitty Cat" from Kids in the City CD by Laura Doherty

I found this wonderful idea on Storytime Katie & it really was AMAZING!! 
i practiced a ton to get everything perfect. 

My tabletop puppet stage (back view) was our "window"! I used plush dog & cat puppets but i printed the other characters & put them on popsicle sticks.

Craft: Stand Up Kitties

I found this idea at Storytime Katie also! I folded white cardstock & cut out the middles for the cat bodies. I printed cat faces on white cardstock & pre-cut them. then i cut tails also from white cardstock. the kitties came out super cute and were very popular!

this is such a great theme, so many great books! i didn't get to the Pete the Cat book but i can save him for his own program in a few months. my favorite part has to be the Kitty Cat puppet song by Laura Doherty!! it was so fun and everyone loved it!

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