Wednesday, August 2, 2017

jaws 2: shark day returns!

i found so many great shark ideas that i needed TWO programs to fit them all in!

MORE sensational shark books:

since none of today's attendees had attended our earlier shark program, i also did a repeat of my number one, most favorite, totally awesomest shark story EVER:

ONE MORE super shark flannel song: 

Sharks in the Bath Tub 
(found video of elephant version on Jbrary & printable bath tub on Sunflower Storytime. Clip art shark heads were purchased on etsy.)

1 shark in the bath tub
going for a swim!
knock knock!
splash splash!
come on in!

5 sharks in the bath tub
going for a swim!
knock knock!
splash splash!
they all fell in!!!

(luckily, when i pulled off the bathtub, all of my sharks fell off the board too!)

MORE fun shark crafts:

The first craft was a 3D Floating Shark Craft from OTC and it was super easy to put together and sooooo cute!!

I also printed Clark the Shark masks onto white cardstock for the kids to cut and color and they came out AMAZING!!! You can print them in color but i didn't have the ink for that so i just printed in black & white. the kids added color with crayons and everyone loved them.

Also our "Walk the Plank" and "Feed the Shark" games returned!

...and we had enough leftover shark tattoos for everyone!! this program was so great; i am so happy we tried it this summer TWO TIMES!

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