Friday, August 4, 2017

toddler time: rock the boat!

Mystery Box: Inside our polka dotted box, we found Maisy the mouse! Hi, Maisy! She is holding something: a boat! 

Maybe Maisy is going sailing today! Good thing I brought my sailor hat!

Action Song: Have You Ever Seen a Sailboat?

a great one from Jbrary!

Have you ever seen a sailboat, a sailboat, a sailboat
Have you ever seen a sailboat
Waving its sail?
Wave this way and that way
And that way and this way
Have you ever seen a sailboat waving its sail?

Other Verse: Rocking back and forth

I love this song; most of my kids were totally uninterested. i think it was just that kind of morning.

Books We Read:
Row Row Row Your Boat- Cabrera (i like the interactive-ness of this one, some of my kids really liked it. like i mentioned, it was a rough morning)
Maisy’s Sailboat- Cousins (cute but a bit too small for a crowd)

so my search for a really amazing toddler boat book continues; these were decent choices tho!

Flannel Board: Where is Maisy?

First, we named the boat colors; then we counted them together.

Eddie the Elephant is looking for his friend Maisy! Is she on one of these boats?

Where is Maisy, where is Maisy?
Here I am, here I am!
Sailing on a blue boat, sailing on a blue boat.
Look and see, look and see!

Check under the boat & see who is there! 

We found Squirrel, Panda, Charley and Tallulah and finally – last but not least: Maisy!

I made these felt boats (which I rarely have time to do) and decorated with white glitter and sequins. the Maisy characters are just laminated clipart. i wish i could make felt ones!

Probably the best part of the program today, besides the Banana Song & the craft <sigh>

Craft: Maisy puppet and pool noodle sailboats (see first photo as well as my other boat posts)

this year, I printed sailboat Maisys for kids to color and tape to a popsicle stick. This bought me time to pass out straws, foam sheet sails and pool noodle “slices.” 

Pool noodle boats are one of my favorite crafts (cute and sooo easy to do) so we make them every summer. Each time I wonder:  WHY OH WHY is the morning of my BOAT program so crazy?!!!  I begged grownups in the 2nd session to be more quiet but nothing helped today. Kids seemed cranky &/or WILD, some parents were chatty &/or rude, both groups were VERY crowded. i carried on tho because the kids were listening and participating! hoping next time will be better...

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