Monday, August 7, 2017

mustache storytime

Opening Song: Mustaches for Everyone!

My father has a mustache
My mother has one too.
When I get older
I’ll have a big mustache too
Mustache, mustache
A big bushy mustache for me and you
Mustache, mustache,
I’ve got a great mustache, do you?

Borrowed from Singing in the Stacks
Handed out sticky mustaches to all!

Books We Read:

Mustache Up- Ainsworth
Mustache Baby- Heos
Book o Beards - Muir
Mo's Mustache- Clanton 

Flannel Song #1: Ten Little Mustaches

Just a colorful counting song:
1 little, 2 little, 3 little mustaches…
10 little mustaches here today!

Count backwards to
…No little mustaches here today!

Flannel Board #2: Mr Lou
I was a little perplexed with this one at first because I had no idea how to do a felt face but I think it came out pretty good!

There once lived a man named Mr. Lou,
He had a mustache that grew, and grew, and GREW!

On Monday it was as tiny as his nose,

On Tuesday it was as wide as his smile.

On Wednesday it stretched as far as his ears.

On Thursday it was as long as his arms!

But on Friday Mr. Lou caught the flu… ACHOOO!
and off went the mustache into the air as it flew, flew, FLEW!

Flannel Board #3: Where is Mo’s Mustache?

Mo's mustache is missing, where can it be?
Is the (color) monster hiding it? Let’s look & see!
i scanned the images from the book (which is so cute, probably my favorite one of the four we read today) and cut a little black felt mustache.

Game #1: Mustache Match Up

Everyone pulled a mustache or two from my beach pail, then tried to make a match from the mustaches hanging on the walls.

Game#2: Pin the Mustache on the Man

 Purchased on Amazon. was thinking of printing or making something myself but as always, the clock was ticking away & this was only like $5. Kids liked it.

Craft: Emergency Mustaches (on straws)

Free printable! Just need straws and a hole punch!

We gave out mustache pencil toppers and finger mustache tattoos, all from OTC.

I thought this was a really fun idea but only 13 kids signed up and about half showed up. All boys. I thought the silly nature of the mustaches would appeal to girls too, so I’m not sure why the interest was so low. I decorated the room so beautifully and spent a LOT of time on my books, songs, games etc. so a little disappointing. Weather was nasty today which didn’t help...

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