Friday, July 21, 2017

toddler time: fun at the zoo

Mystery Box: Inside our polka dotted box, we found tickets to the ZOO! Who likes to visit the zoo? Raise your hand if you love animals!

Books We Read: 

Zookeeper Sue- Demarest
Dear Zoo- Campbell
From Head to Toe- Carle

Puppet Song: Old MacDonald Had a Zoo

Old Mac Donald had a zoo- shoo bee doo bee doo!
And at that zoo he had a lion - shoo bee doo bee doo!
With a ROAR here and a ROAR there!
Here a ROAR, there a ROAR, everywhere a ROAR!
Old Mac Donald had a zoo- shoo bee doo bee doo!

repeat with penguin/waddle, monkey/ooo eee, crocodile/snap, tiger/growl, elephant/stomp

Craft: Zoo Animal Puppets

I printed these cute puppet sheets for everyone to cut, color & tape to jumbo popsicle sticks. I thought everyone could go home & sing Old MacDonald had a Zoo together!! They came out great; everyone loved them!

Great morning, two great groups! And I’m off for a week of vacation YAY!!! LOVED this puppet song and the craft was awesome.

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