Friday, June 9, 2017

toddler time: yes and no (opposites)

Mystery Box: Inside our polka dotted box, we found a little boy! His name is David! Can you all say “Hi, David!”?
David is a good boy but sometimes he does bad things so we say, “NO, David!” Can you say that? 
Then, we read No, David by David Shannon. Everyone was mesmerized!!

Books We Read:
No, David- Shannon
No No Yes Yes - Patricelli

Flannel Board #1: Hide & Seek with David

Where is David??? I don’t see him, I think he is hiding!

David is on the playground, playing hide & seek!
Is he behind the purple slide, let’s take a peek!

Keep looking all over the playground until you find David! He was behind the big green tree today. This playground clipart is from Etsy.

Flannel Board #2: No and Yes

After we read the Patricelli book, I held up the illustrations for the last pages and we placed them in the correct spot – No things and Yes things. LOVE her!

Craft: David Puppets

I found these printables online so we printed them on card stock and pre-cut them. There are some really nice David printables online. This one is from Teachers Pay Teachers. 

As I passed them out, I modeled questions like “Does David have eyes?” and “where is his nose?” David’s mouth was missing so we colored our David faces and glued on his mouth, then taped it to a jumbo popsicle stick to make the cutest puppet ever!!

Two nice groups, not too big but just right. I was nervous that this theme wasn't flashy or exciting enough but it was awesome!! Kids LOVED the Shannon book and you could have heard a pin drop both times I read it. I just loved those David puppets too!

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