Wednesday, June 14, 2017

pirate & princess party!

Last week, I had the pleasure of hosting my very first Pirate and Princess Party! Costumes were welcomed but not required; many of our guests dressed up for the occasion! Pre-registration for this event filled up in ONE hour but we took a waiting list to compensate for those last minute cancellations and "no shows".

Books We Read:

For some reason, i had a really hard time finding good PRESCHOOL-ish stories to read on my themes. I ended up purchasing most of these because they weren't in my system. My faves: Would You Rather Be a Princess or a Dragon? (Saltzberg -- LOVE him!), Let's Be Pirates and Pete the Cat & the Treasure Map.

Flannel Board: For the Princess OR the Pirate??

So simple! I printed out items that were either princess or pirate related. I held up two at a time and the kids told me who they belonged with. 

A pretty crown & a black hat? 
A treasure map & a fairy godmother? 
A carriage & a ship? 
A telescope & a magic unicorn? 

Lastly, I held up a treasure chest filled with coins and jewels. 

Clap if you think the pirate should get the treasure! 
Clap if you think the beautiful jewels belong to the princess!  
Clap if you think they should share it!!

Sharing is always nice!

Crafts: We purchased two craft kits from OTC: brightly colored foam crowns to decorate and foam eye patches. (See first photo!) Both crafts were self adhesive and amazing!! I had 24 of each and 22 kids attending, so everyone could choose which craft they wanted or they could make both!

I also offered a few printable crafts: pirate hats, princess wands, treasure maps and princess paper dolls.

Games: Pin the Glass Slipper on Cinderella AND Pin the Gold Coin on Jake’s Treasure Chest

Both purchased from OTC. Kids received jewels and gold coins for participating in the games. These items could be traded in for pirate and princess tattoos at the circ desk but many loved the coins and jewels so much that they took them home instead LOL!

Photo Props in a Box: 

The Chef & the Princess....

...AND The Pirate and the Dragon

These cool sets were offered to branches in my system a few months ago & they are so adorable! We were not able to put a staff member out here in the hallway to supervise and some of the items are missing now. Surprising because people are usually so good about leaving the photo props for the next person, but maybe these were just too tempting?

Also: Books to Checkout and FREE Pretzels for Everyone!

This event was crazy popular and the kids were so enthusiastic. i loved seeing everyone dressed in their costumes! it was pretty time consuming to set everything up and we are extremely short staffed right now so i was stressed but everything went really well! thankfully, i had the help of our page to assist with the games because blindfolding kids, giving them a spin, etc. for two separate games would be really tough with just one person. A super fun event!

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