Wednesday, May 24, 2017

kids craft: from caterpillar to butterfly!

As I browsing the Lakeshore Learning site for new toys a few weeks ago, something special caught my eye: a butterfly nursery!. I thought the kids at my branch would really enjoy watching the whole caterpillar butterfly life cycle and we had a little money to spend so I ordered it along with their butterfly craft kit.

Our caterpillars arrived yesterday, just in time for our Butterfly Program! I set up the nursery, introduced the caterpillars to the kids and explained what would be happening in the next couple of weeks. Everyone was so excited!

Our awesome new Butterfly Nursery from Lakeshore Learning!

I invited everyone to suggest names for our six new friends!

Books We Read:
Hedgehugs and the Hattiepillar - Wilson (cute!)
Butterfly, Butterfly- Horacek
Caterpillar's Wish - Murphy (LOVE!)

Craft: Butterfly Collages from Lakeshore Learning. They came out beautiful! The kids were so proud!

Game: Butterfly, Butterfly, Make Me a Match!

I found some colorful butterflies on the web and printed them on the color printer. I printed two of each so all the participants could draw one butterfly from my beach bucket and find the matching one somewhere in the program room to win a prize! (leftover VHC stuff)

The room was packed for this program! The craft was awesome! The game was slightly chaotic due to a lot of people in a small space. The books worked pretty well too. The stars of the day had to be the caterpillars, of course! 

I will try to post an update with the butterfly names and photos in a couple of weeks! Fingers crossed!!

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