Wednesday, May 24, 2017

kids craft: from caterpillar to butterfly!

As I browsing the Lakeshore Learning site for new toys a few weeks ago, something special caught my eye: a butterfly nursery!. I thought the kids at my branch would really enjoy watching the whole caterpillar butterfly life cycle and we had a little money to spend so I ordered it along with their butterfly craft kit.

Our caterpillars arrived yesterday, just in time for our Butterfly Program! I set up the nursery, introduced the caterpillars to the kids and explained what would be happening in the next couple of weeks. Everyone was so excited!

Our awesome new Butterfly Nursery from Lakeshore Learning!

I invited everyone to suggest names for our six new friends!

Books We Read:
Hedgehugs and the Hattiepillar - Wilson (cute!)
Butterfly, Butterfly- Horacek
Caterpillar's Wish - Murphy (LOVE!)

Craft: Butterfly Collages from Lakeshore Learning. They came out beautiful! The kids were so proud!

Game: Butterfly, Butterfly, Make Me a Match!

I found some colorful butterflies on the web and printed them on the color printer. I printed two of each so all the participants could draw one butterfly from my beach bucket and find the matching one somewhere in the program room to win a prize! (leftover VHC stuff)

The room was packed for this program! The craft was awesome! The game was slightly chaotic due to a lot of people in a small space. The books worked pretty well too. The stars of the day had to be the caterpillars, of course! 

I will try to post an update with the butterfly names and photos in a couple of weeks! Fingers crossed!!

Friday, May 19, 2017

toddler time: pandas at play!

Mystery Box: Inside our polka dotted box, we found a Panda Bear!

Puppet Song #1: I am a Panda

(Tune: You are my Sunshine)
I am a panda, a furry panda
I live in China and eat bamboo
It is a thick grass that grows in my land
And it isn’t that easy to chew.

Usually get a few chuckles at the end of that if anyone is paying attention LOL!

Then I brought out the little panda finger puppet for the next song.

Puppet Song #2: Two Furry Pandas

2 furry pandas sitting on the wall
One named BIG, the other named Small.
Run away BIG! Runaway Small!
Come back BIG! Come back Small.

Books We Read: 
Panda Big and Panda Small- Cabrera (this book is so cute but it just didn’t work well today ???????)

Flannel Board: Five Little Pandas

See my previous post HERE.

The kids loved this one, especially when we covered our eyes and yelled "PEEK A BOO!"

Puppet Song: Panda's Shirt

(I found these cute panda puppets on ebay a few months ago and they are just adorable! I put all the shirted bears into the box and pulled them out one at a time so it felt like he was really switching shirts. Started with the shirtless Panda from the Mystery Box)

One morning Little Panda woke up and decided to get dressed!

He wanted to wear something the same color as his favorite animal: LP LOVES turtles! (show turtle)

What color is Turtle? GREEN!
So he went to his closet and found....his GREEN shirt!
Panda wore a green shirt, green shirt, green shirt, Panda wore a green shirt all day long!

Then at lunch, Panda wanted to wear something the same color as his favorite food in the whole world: LP LOVES apples! What color is his apple? RED!

So he hoped into his closet & put on his RED shirt!
Panda wore a red shirt, red shirt, red shirt, Panda wore a red shirt all day long!

At dinner time, Panda wanted to wear something the same color as his favorite toy: What color is Panda's toy ball? BLUE!

So he put on his BLUE shirt!
Panda wore a blue shirt, blue shirt, blue shirt, Panda wore a blue shirt all day long!

At bedtime, He wanted to wear something the same color as his most favorite person: LP LOVES his Dad! (Brought out big Panda hand puppet) What color is Daddy Panda? Black & White!
So he took off his GREEN shirt so he could be black & white just like his dad!
Panda was black & white, black & white, black & white, Panda was black & white all night long!

…and the pandas fell fast asleep! Goodnight Pandas!

Craft: Bow Tie Pandas

I found this cute panda template at Crafty Pammy.

I printed everything and cut the pieces for over 40 pandas! Then the day before my program, I worried it was too much for toddlers so I pasted all the bodies and legs together myself. Not very smart! But the right thing to do LOL!
Kids glued ears to the heads & the heads to the bodies. Then, we added a cute bow tie to the neck or hair bow to the top of the head. So cute!!

Our first session was big and the second one kinda small. Next time, will use a different book like Panda Bear, Panda Bear instead. Great theme, loved my craft and puppet songs too!

Monday, May 8, 2017

kids craft: may the 4th be with you star wars party

Image may contain: people standing and indoor

Although only one of our team members at my library is a Star Wars fan, we decided to have a May the 4th Be With You Party this week and it was awesome! I knew Star Wars was popular with the kids in the neighborhood, but I was not expecting such a great turn out!

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As our guests arrived, we gave them JEDI Training Cards which listed all the different stations around the branch, including:

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Empire Strikes Back Mini Bowling

Image may contain: people sitting
Jedi Name Generator Station

Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor
Jedi Disguise Mask Craft Table

Image may contain: indoor
Library Scavenger Hunt

Balloon Light Saber Craft

As the kids completed the activities, they traded their training cards in at the circ desk for a Jedi Knight certificate signed by Yoda!

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We also offered a photo prop station, tattoos, refreshments, prizes, two pinatas and an awesome Star Wars book display!

Image may contain: 3 people, indoor

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The last minute finishing touch was the Star Wars background music playing from our stereo! It really set the mood and made the program seem special.

We probably had over 50 kids participating in this program, making it one of our most successful events ever! My favorite parts were the masks, the light sabers, the refreshment table and the scavenger hunt! the bowling was super cute too! The training cards really helped organize everything so no one missed any stations or activities. 

Most of the stations were based on ideas i found on pinterest or other sites and we bought almost everything from Oriental Trading Co.

A great day!