Monday, April 10, 2017

toddler time: chick us out!

Mystery Box: When we opened the mystery box, we found a white egg. Who is hiding inside? 

I sang:
I’m a little chick inside an egg
I’m always sleeping, snoring away!

Want to hear him snoring? Zzzzzzzz! Zzzzz!

When you’ll hear a pecking, pecking sound
The egg will crack & I’ll pop out!
(tune: I’m a Little Teapot)
-credit Preschool Education

What does a CHICK say? Cheep cheep!

Best moment of the morning: popping the yellow chick out of the egg as everyone "ooohed" and "awwwed!"

Books We Read:
Cheep Cheep- Braun (cute!)
Charlie Chicken- Denchfield (everyone loved Charlie, as usual!)

Flannel Board: Listen to the Eggs

I found this amazing idea at Storytime Bandit

First, I showed everyone my cute little nest!

Then, we counted our eggs together!

This was my rhyme today:

Listen to the egg and hear a scratch, scratch, scratch
This little chick is trying to hatch!
(rub sand blocks)

Listen to the egg and hear a tap, tap, tap
This little chick will hatch in a snap!
(tap rhythm sticks)

Listen to the egg and hear a ding, ding, ding
This little chick is stretching its wings.
(tap triangle)

Listen to the egg and hear a thump, thump, thump
This little chick is shaking its rump!
(tap drum)

Listen to the egg and hear a cheep, cheep, cheep
This little chick is ready to speak!

We flipped the eggs over one at a time as we said each verse.

Here are my instruments!

Everyone LOVED the flannel story! The instruments really helped hold their attention.

Puppet: Hen on the Nest

I found this idea on a wonderful blog about story time props called Simple Storytime Puppetry.

First, I brought out my hen puppet and told the kids that she wanted to lay some eggs today so we needed to sing a special song:

The hen on the nest goes cluck cluck cluck,
cluck cluck cluck
cluck cluck cluck
The hen on the nest goes cluck cluck cluck when she lays her eggs!
(tune: Wheels on the Bus)

Then we check her nest and find…NOTHING!

So we sang it louder and …NOTHING

So we tried it once again very softly and still…NOTHING!

Finally, the hen whispers in my ear and tells me to look in my big storytime box. Last time, I brought out a basket filled with colored eggs. Each child takes one and inside they find a cute yellow chick made of felt. This year, I purchased plastic eggs that look like yellow chicks instead. This saved me the time and effort of making 40 or so baby felt chicks LOL!

Chick puppets decorated with crayons and lots of feathers!

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