Friday, April 14, 2017

toddler time: peekaboo bunnies

Mystery Box: Inside our polka dotted box, we found something green! It looks like lettuce or cabbage or something. I have a friend hiding in here, who could it be? I showed the kids his ears peeking out and everyone started guessing that it was a BUNNY!

(tune: Are You Sleeping)
Where is bunny? Where is bunny?
Here I am! Here I am.
How are you today Bunny?
Very well, I thank you!
Go to sleep! Go to sleep!
(or stay & play! Stay & play! -- depending on what you want him to do LOL!)

Bunny has some friends hiding here in his garden of lettuce! Let's find them together.

I found this idea at one of my favorite blogs: Storytime Katie! She is a genius! It works perfectly with my Bunny puppet.

There's someone in Bunny's garden
that we can't really see.
there's someone in Bunny's garden--
who could it be??

then I give a clue like:
this friend is red and black - ladybug
this friend is green and makes a cocoon - caterpillar
this friend is very colorful and flutters in the sky- butterfly

how many friends did we find in the garden? let's count then together!
if there's not too many kids, I like to give the kids a chance to pet the bunny or other puppets before i put them away. Sometimes we played peekaboo with Bunny: "where is bunny? peeka-BOO!"

Books We Read:
Hooray for Hoppy- Hopgood (tried to make this interactive but lost some kids here. book is very cute!)

Flannel Board: Look in the Garden

today I want to show you a garden - what is growing there? carrots!
how many carrots do you see -- let's count them up together!
who do you think lives in the garden? Bunny does! (put him on the board)
what do you think he will do with his carrots? eat them!!

Printable images & templates from

Puppet Song: Little Bunny in a Carrot

Then I passed out little cardstock carrots to all the kids for:

Hold your carrot up
Hold your carrot down
Hold your carrot & turn around
Hold your carrot up
Hold your carrot down
Put your carrot on the ground.

do you like to eat carrots?? Who else loves carrots? Bunny!!

I pulled out my Feed the Bunny Prop!

Prop Song: Feed the Bunny

Craft: Peekaboo Bunnies

I printed cute little bunnies to color. we taped them on a jumbo craft stick and glued a cotton ball tail on the back. i gave everyone green paper cups so the bunnies could pop up and down. 

everyone loved their peekaboo bunnies today! i wish i had thought to hand out stickers to decorate the cups but i had a lot to pass out. the second session was very full (like 25 kids) so i was just trying to keep up with everyone. a little chaotic today, even the first session which was only like 16 kids. maybe extra excitement due to the holiday? still a fun day despite the extra chaos!!

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