Monday, April 3, 2017

CRAZY for the very hungry caterpillar!!

our library was recently given $250 for a special event and i knew right away that i wanted to celebrate Very Hungry Caterpillar Day! Oriental Trading had TONS of great crafts, prizes & party decorations, and Eric Carle is one of my most favorite authors. I wanted to use this money as a way to give back to all of my awesome families who visit our branch every week and thank them for loving the library. Without my wonderful patrons, my job wouldn't be nearly as much fun!


Today, Mr Frog is on vacation! Luckily, we have a very special guest filling in for him. It’s the VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR!!

Mystery Box: Inside our polka dotted box, we found... another box! Do you think there is something in this box? What do you think it is? Could there be a caterpillar in this box? (this is a toy the kids usually play with after stories & crafts.)

(tune: Frere Jacques)
Where is caterpillar? Where is caterpillar?
In this box, in this box.
Say "Hey Hungry Caterpillar!" "Hey Hungry Caterpillar!"
Up he POPS! Up he POPS!

Books We Read: 
The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Carle
Love from the Very Hungry Caterpillar- Carle (4pm session only)

Puppet Song: I’m a Butterfly  (tune: Skip to My Lou)

I’m a butterfly, fly with me!
I’m a butterfly, fly with me!
I’m a butterfly, fly with me!
Fly with me my darling!
(sang this one immediately after the VHC book for the AM sessions only! For the PM class, I just held the butterfly up with the caterpillar puppet and asked, "Who would choose to be a VHC and eat lots of yummy food? Who would rather be a beautiful butterfly?")

Flannel Board: Caterpillar Hide and Seek

I’m looking for a caterpillar
We’re playing hide and seek
Is he hiding behind the apple?
Lets take a peek!

continue until you find the VHC!

I passed out "fruit" to all the kids from my green basket and we did:
Hold your fruit UP
hold your fruit DOWN
hold your fruit and turn around!
Hold your fruit UP
hold your fruit DOWN
put your fruit on the ground.

Toddler Prop Song: Do You Want To Feed A Caterpillar? 

(tune: Do You Know the Muffin Man)

Do you want to feed a caterpillar, feed a caterpillar, feed a caterpillar
If you want to feed a caterpillar, he wants something RED!
(or PINK or YELLOW etc)

Kids LOVED feeding the caterpillar I made from a cardboard box and a plastic container! the "fruits" are eggs from OTC with cute little smiley faces on them.

Morning Craft for Toddler Times: VHC Mobiles from OTC

so easy! kids colored the cardstock fruits and attached them to the VHC using red strings.

It was pouring rain, cold, windy and nasty out but we still had two wonderful groups of toddlers, about 16 kids per session.


NOTE: Same books and flannel board!

Preschool Prop Song: Three Little Caterpillars Jumping on the Bed

No automatic alt text available.
one of my amazing co-workers crocheted these guys for us -- sooo cute!!

We substituted "caterpillars" for monkeys and bounced them around on our colorful parachute! So fun!!

Scavenger Hunt: I hid caterpillar pictures all over the program room, including a few "imposter" caterpillars! I had the kids silently count how many they could spot and write it on a slip of paper. This was fun for the families and bought me a little time to set up for crafts.

Afternoon Craft: VHC Hats and Foam Photo Frames from OTC

It was STILL pouring rain and nasty in the afternoon, leaving us with a bunch of last minute cancellations but we still had a nice, decent sized group of very happy kids!

This event was a lot of work but we had so much fun planning it and the families really enjoyed themselves. An exhausting three-program day but it really was one of the best days EVER!!


most of these ideas were found on pinterest!

looks like a party!

balloon caterpillar to greet the families as they entered the lower level -- created by me!!

book display on main floor

prizes for AM sessions: fruit snacks, VHC beach balls, stickers, tattoos.
Preschoolers took home VHC pencil cases, lanyards, etc. 

VHC bean bag game created by an artistic co-worker

large stand up VHC photo prop purchased on OTC

another photo prop made by my amazing co-worker!

i even modge podged my sneakers for the occasion! VHC socks not pictured LOL!

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