Monday, March 6, 2017

toddler time: penguin party

I used most of the same elements from my previous penguin post but there were a few changes that I want to remember for next time!

Mystery Box: Folkmanis Penguin puppet

Puppet Song:

Penguin, Penguin, Flap your little wings!
Penguin, Penguin, Flap your little wings!
Eating fish, you swim all day!
You can’t fly but that’s okay!
Penguin, Penguin, Flap your little wings!

Books Read:
Penguins Penguins Everywhere- Barner
I Am Small- Dodd 

Right before I read the Dodd book aloud, I asked everyone to repeat the title with me "I Am Small!" Then, whenever that line was repeated in the story, everyone joined in to say it together. It made the story much more interactive!

Flannel Board:  Five Little Penguins Standing Still

I love this song and this year's edition was even better! As I removed the penguins from my felt board, I placed them on my small blue flannel board to make this cute scene to show everyone at the end of the song!

...One little penguin standing still
One little penguin slides down the hill
where did he go?
with all the other penguins playing in the snow!

What did the penguins make? a snowman!

Craft: Penguins from

These guys were a little more difficult than our usual crafts but just so cute! I prepped for 40 penguins and it was a lot of cutting (bodies, feet, noses, mouths, bellies, wings! used reinforcement stickers for eyes!) 

Then, over 30 children showed up for our first session and I knew there was not enough penguin pieces left for the 11:15 group. Luckily some of my fabulous coworkers cut more bellies and bodies for me but the second session penguins were a little more "streamlined."  (No wings or feet but still adorable!)

Great theme!! Loved my flannel board and puppet song!

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