Friday, March 10, 2017

toddler time: lovable lions!

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a lion puppet! Everyone wanted to touch his soft, fluffy mane!

Puppet Song: I’m a Lion (tune: 3 Blind Mice)

I’m a lion! I’m a lion!
Hear me ROAR! Hear me ROAR!
I love to sleep out in the sun
And chase other animals just for fun
In all the jungle I’m NUMBER ONE
I’m a lion!

Can you roar like a lion? ROAR!!!!

Books We Read:
Roar! A Noisy Counting Book- Edwards ( I skipped some of the text but some of the kids still weren't interested. Some liked it though!)
Roar! Roar! Can You Say It Too?- Braun (lots of jungle animals in this lift the flap book)
Also try:
Do Lions Live on Lily Pads- Melanie Walsh
One Yellow Lion - Matthew Van Fleet
We’re Going on a Lion Hunt- Margery Cuyler
Says Who- David Carter

Flannel Story: Deep in the Jungle

Deep in the Jungle
What did I hear?
Five ferocious lions
Roaring loud and clear
ROAR said the lions
SCAT said I
And one ferocious lion ran away
Good bye!

My lions are clip art that I printed in various sizes and laminated.

Craft:  Lion Faces
We made these adorable lions from

I printed lions faces and pre-cut them. I also cut big orange circles for the manes. Kids colored and glued. I passed out scissors in case anyone wanted to practice their cutting skills by fringing their lion's mane! These came out super cute!!

We had some snow today so only a small morning class with about 10 kids. No one showed for session #2. I was planning a Hats storytime theme but had tons of crafts prepped so I decided to save it for another week and re-run this theme instead. It was really fun and I gave out bags of animal crackers to the hearty souls who came out in the snow for Toddler Time.

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