Friday, March 17, 2017

toddler time: fun with frogs

Mystery Box: Inside our polka dotted box, we found a fish, a scarf, an apple, some broccoli, a ball and a maraca!

What is the same about all of these things? They are GREEN!

Who is wearing green today?

You know who else is green? Mr. Frog! He has a song for you today!

Mr Frog looks sleepy! He wore special green ribbons around his neck for St Patty's day!

Puppet Song:
Frog Is Hopping
(tune: Wheels on the Bus)

Frog is hopping on my toes (Hey where are your toes?)
On my toes, on my toes
Frog is hopping on my toes
Ribbit ribbit ribbit!

Also did knee, shoulder, & head

Books We Read:
Big Frog Can't Fit in - Willems (the gigantic pop up frog really grabbed their attention)
Icky Sticky Frog- Bentley (1st session only and went well)
Go Away Big Green Monster- Emberley (2nd session only- fewer kids, was afraid Icky Sticky was too long)

Flannel Board:  I See 6 Green Frogs

This is my "Go To" for frog themes. The frogs are sitting on the log with their little bow ties and the adults are always surprised when I pull out the" log" instead of the usual flannel board.

Craft: Frog Puppets

I found this idea at with video instructions here. It was super easy & quick to prepare. Cut green ovals for the heads. I drew smiles on them with my black sharpie. I printed eyes for parents to cut. I made little red tongues for the kids to glue on the frogs then we attached popsicle sticks. This craft was so cute, I really loved it!

We had a very full early session and a small second session on this cold March morning. Hoping for better weather soon!

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