Monday, March 27, 2017

early literacy parent workshop idea: born to read library baby shower!

I put together a fun early literacy program this week for new and expectant parents! 

I decorated our program room for a real baby shower with cute duck decorations from Oriental Trading!

We offered cute mini cupcakes and other light refreshments for our guests!

I set up my book table with some of my favorite titles for babies, including:

  • anything by Karen Katz
  • books to sing, like Jane Cabrera and Sandra Boynton's picture books
  • Bill Martin & Eric Carle's Brown Bear, Brown Bear series, which are also singable!
  • book with photos of babies are so appealing to little ones!
  • books with sounds, like farm animals, vehicles, etc are fun for infants and adults.
  • books focusing on parts of the body encourage muscle development if you point to the body parts together, like "Touch Your Nose!"
  • anything by Leslie Patricelli 
We went over a tip sheet I found HERE at Reading Rockets with lots of great advice about reading to babies. You can print it in English or Spanish. I also shared some of my "secret weapons for baby storytime", like playing peekaboo with scarves & blowing bubbles! 

of course, we all know that NO shower is complete without a few games, so I printed two quizzes for our participants: one on Nursery Rhymes and the other about Classic Storybook characters. 

I almost purchased clipboards so my parents-to-be would have something to write on as they completed their quizzes but they were kind of expensive! luckily, i remembered that we have plenty of books here (LOL!) so all i really needed were some large clips to make my own "Book Clipboards." You could even use books that are great for reading to infants or ones with "BABY" in the title!

for game prizes, i found some adorable baby rattles on amazon that were extremely affordable and i tried to make them look festive!

all participants received these adorable Early Literacy Kits with a tip sheet, growth chart, sippy cup, mini beach ball and two free books! I also gave out copies of the Baby & Me Rhyme/Song Sheet that I use for my weekly lapsit programs.

i was honestly a little disappointed with the attendance of this program, but none of my parent workshops have attracted large numbers of people. I've tried evening programs, as well as morning and saturday classes but i guess people are just busy. The five people who attended really enjoyed our library baby shower and most of the materials purchased were saved to be reused so i will definitely give this one another shot next year!

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