Friday, February 17, 2017

toddler time: animals in the snow

Mystery Box: Inside our polka dotted box, we found a POLAR BEAR on a sled!

Puppet Song:
Sliding down the hills in my little red sled
Sliding down the hills in my little red sled
Sliding down the hills in my little red sled
Having so much fun!

Snow’s falling down on my little red sled…
Waving to my friends on my little red sled…
Bouncing up & down on my little red sled…

Books We Read: 
Peekaboo! Snow - Green/Hinton
If It's Snowy and You Know It, Clap Your Paws- Norman (selected 4 verses with easy movements)

Flannel Board:  Five on the Sled (based on book by Kim Norman)

I really wanted to use this book for my story time but i worried it was just too long for my toddlers. so i printed out some animals and used a flannel board version!

There were 5 on the sled 
and the polar bear said
"Slide over! Slide over!" (slide motion with hand or body)
So they all slid over and 1 fell out! 
("Bye Bye Penguin!", or Wolf or Reindeer, etc)

Continue removing animals with each verse until only Polar Bear is left.

There was 1 on the sled 
and the polar bear said,
"I’m lonely! So lonely!
I’m chilled to the bone.
A polar bear loves sledding
But never alone!"

So his friends came back 
and climbed right on
There were 5 on the sled 
and the polar bear said,
"Let’s go!"

Puppet Song: There’s Something in the Snow

Borrowed from the amazing Storytime Katie!

There’s something in the snow that I can’t really see
Theres something in the snow
What could it be?

It makes a sound like…
Grrr (Polar Bear)
Waddle (Penguin)
Ark Ark (baby seal)
Hoot Hoot (snowy owl)

Craft: CD Polar Bears

I have a bunch of old CDs to recycle and they are so fun for crafts! I just printed out mouths on white paper and pre-cut them. I also cut out the noses since I wanted to put pom poms there. I pre-cut white circles for ears too. as i passed out the different pieces, the kids glued them on with stick glue. black pom poms fit perfectly into the hole of the cds -- no glue or tape required! We also added sticker eyes and some ribbons for hanging. 

We had two nice size groups of about 15 kids each. i LOVED our craft and the kids & parents liked it too! I was also happy with my felt story and puppet game. I was a little nervous that the Peekaboo book might be confusing in a group setting but it went over pretty well with the kids so i give it a thumbs up.

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