Wednesday, December 14, 2016

toddler time: potato time!

Mystery Box: Inside our mystery box, we found Mr Potato Head! And Mrs. Potato Head!

These are small ones, and here is a BIG ONE! 

But where is his face????!! It’s missing!

Prop Song: Mr. Potato Head, What Do You Need?
by Shawn Wolf from Read, Rhyme and Sing

Mr. Potato Head, how will you see?
I'll give you some eyes so you can see me.

Mr. Potato Head, how will you smell?
I'll give you a nose so you can smell well.

Mr. Potato Head, how will you hear?
I'll give you some ears so you'll know when I'm near!

Mr. Potato Head, how will you taste?
I'll give you a mouth so you can eat cake.

(If you take off his hat for this rhyme, this can be your last verse:
Mr. Potato Head, your head is so bare!
We’ll give you a hat to put right there!)

Books We Read: 
Potato Joe- Baker

Flannel Story: Hide and Seek with Mr Potato Head 

Mr Potato Head is playing hide and seek!
Is he hiding in the RED house?  Let’s take a peek!

Repeat this rhyme until you find him!

Craft: Mr Potato Head Puppets (see photo above)

I printed a Mr Potato Head coloring page on card stock so the kids could color them and attach popsicle sticks to make a fun puppet! Who doesn't LOVE Mr Potato Head? 

Another staff member covered this program for me while I was out for a medical procedure but I was told that the program went great. Still kinda bummed that I missed this one because it was so cute!

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