Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Pete the Cat Saves Christmas Story & Craft Program

I am the BIGGEST Pete the Cat fan and I have to admit that I was so happy when he won the title “Most Favorite Storybook Character”  here at our library a few weeks ago. Pete beat out some tough competition by fellow candidates Llama Llama and the Pigeon and squeaked out a win by only 20 votes. 

Luckily, I had already been planning a Pete themed holiday craft so it all worked out purr-fectly!

We read Pete the Cat Saves Christmas to kick off the program, followed by a flannel story starring Gingerbread Pete.

I fell in love with this blogger's Ginger Pete post (read it HERE) and while I completely copied her adorable felt Pete, I adapted her story just a tiny bit:

Who likes gingerbread cookies?  Me too!
Well, I was making some gingerbread cookies the other day when I decided that I needed to make a cookie version of one of my favorite book characters: Pete the Cat! 

So, I rolled out the gingerbread, cut the shape, and added some peppermint sticks for the whiskers.  Then, I gave him a candy cane and a lollipop to hold! But, he was missing something: he needed some delicious candy gumdrop buttons!  

1, 2, 3, 4 buttons for Pete!

Ginger Pete loved his new gumdrop buttons so much that he started singing:

My buttons, my buttons,
I love my gumdrop buttons!
But, those buttons looked so tasty.  And, I really love ate one! 

Did Ginger Pete cry?  Goodness no!  
Gumdrop buttons come & gumdrop buttons go
Ginger Pete still had 3 gumdrop buttons.  But, I was still kind of hungry and those buttons look SOOOO tasty, I ate one more. 

Did Ginger Pete cry?  Goodness no!  
Gumdrop buttons come & gumdrop buttons go
So, now Ginger Pete had 2 gumdrop buttons.  But, I was a little bit hungry and red gumdrops are my favorite, I ate one more. 

Did Ginger Pete cry?  Goodness no!  
Gumdrop buttons come & gumdrop buttons go
So, now Ginger Pete had 1 gumdrop button.  He looks kind of silly with just one button, so I might as well eat that one too!

Did Ginger Pete cry? YES!!!

Ginger Pete cried:
My buttons, my buttons,
You ate ALL my gumdrop buttons!

Poor Ginger Pete seemed really sad.  I felt a little bad about eating all of his yummy buttons, so I went shopping to find some nice new buttons for Ginger Pete.  

How about chocolate chip buttons? No, I love those so I'd probably eat them.
Smarties? Mini-marshmallows? No, I better get something I won't want to eat --like REAL buttons! So I found Pete some brand new colorful, shiny buttons that weren't made of candy!

Pete's new buttons made him so happy he sang a NEW song:
My buttons, my buttons, You can't eat these shiny buttons!
My buttons, my buttons, You can't eat these shiny buttons!

Next up: a game! Pete the Cat’s Missing Presents Match Up

a few of the missing presents were hiding on the emergency exit door

Colorful presents had been hidden around the program room. I explained to the kids that Santa’s elves misplaced a bunch of presents that Pete needs to deliver. The kids each picked a card with a picture of one missing present and had to find it some place in the program room. 

When they brought Pete the right present and dropped it in Santa's chimney, they got to choose a special holiday flavored lollipop from Pete’s mouth!

Finally, our craft: Pete the Cat Headbands with removable Santa hats

The Pete headbands were a cute craft from OTC. I made my own Santa hats from craft foam sheets. I liked the idea of having removable hats so the headbands could be used all year round, not just for Christmastime. So, the Santa hats slip on to the headband and rest there. The red foam of the hat and the white foam of the hat kind of make a sandwich with Pete's head in the middle. The white part is stapled to the red part only at the top to create a sort of "slot". Sorry, it's so hard to explain!!! The kids glued a cotton ball to their hat.

I also printed a Santa Pete coloring sheet that I found online for each child.

So this turned out to be a super fun program and I really enjoyed planning everything! I LOVED reading Pete the Cat Saves Christmas and the Ginger Pete flannel story was awesome too. The kids really liked searching for their missing presents and the craft came out sooo cute! It made me so happy to see the little ones wearing their Pete hats. A really nice holiday program that really put me in the Christmas spirit!

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