Friday, October 28, 2016

halloween party 2016

I was soooo excited about this year's No Tricks, Just Treats Halloween party! 

I loved my costume! 

I picked out some fun stories...

set up for Halloween Bingo,

Halloween Bingo Game
from  OTC

a Spooky Spider Ring Toss,

and a Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin Game.

For the past few years, we've skipped pre-registration for this event and usually had about 20-25 kids in attendance. I had enough crafts for 36 children and 24 bingo cards so I thought we were fine. 

I was shocked to find a room full of kids in costumes fifteen minutes before the program start time but I didn't panic yet. I handed out around 30 pumpkin "tickets" and the kids were still filing in.

I went to the program room to add some extra chairs at the tables & figure out how many people I could squeeze in. Meanwhile, upstairs the kids were STILL POURING in to the Library. 

Now, I have to admit that I started to panic a little. How could I turn away so many excited children all dressed up in crazy costumes without breaking their little hearts? I knew it was impossible so I quickly decided to move the children's room furniture aside and read to the group on the main floor, the only place large enough for this crazy crowd. The children sat on the floor, the adults sat in chairs and leaned against the shelves along the perimeter while I climbed onto one of the tables and sat cross legged to read.

After the stories, we split into two groups; kids with pumpkin tickets went down to the program room for bingo while everybody else made halloween crowns and played the other games. After three rounds of bingo, we swapped floors.

Thank goodness for my co-workers; everyone dropped everything to pitch in with furniture moving, announcement making, & crowd control. I could not have done this party without them. Somehow, everything worked out and all our party goers had a great time. 

I was a little sad that I didn't get to interact with everyone like I usually do when the group is normal sized, yet I also felt extremely grateful and happy that I had ordered tons of extra crafts and prizes this year. 

Color Your Own Halloween Crowns
also from OTC

Deluxe Halloween Treasure Chest Toy Assortment

But to be honest, I think I will be having nightmares about this party for a while!

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