Monday, September 26, 2016

toddler time: more amazing apples

There are some themes that I like to rotate and others that I prefer to repeat every year. I feel like the apple picking experience is so popular with the kids here and it's just such a fun fall topic. This year, I found the cutest craft ever: an apple person!

I printed clip art apples on red card stock and cut them out before the program. I also cut leaves, arms and legs from green construction paper for the kids to attach. The apple people all came out sooo cute!! Definitely one to repeat next year!

We read the same books as previous years and of course, I brought out my homemade Apple Puppet (who makes everyone giggle when a worm pops out!)

The kids also loved my Mr. Slinky Worm/Apple Tree flannel rhyme! 
(I did shorten it to three apples instead of five today)

5 little apples sitting in a tree
Teasing Mr Slinky Worm
You can’t eat me!
along comes Mr Slinky Worm as quiet as can be
And CRUNCHES that apple right out of the tree!

Repeat 4 3 2 1

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