Friday, September 9, 2016

Flannel Friday: Where is Baby Raccoon?

I used this flannel board rhyme for a recent toddler storytime program about balloons.

My friend Raccoon is looking for her baby! 
Let's help her find him.

I think he is hiding under one of these balloons. 
Let's count them together!

We counted one thru five. Can you show me five fingers like this?

Baby Raccoon, Baby Raccoon
Are you hiding under the red balloon?

Let's take a look -- 1, 2, 3!
Is he there?

Keep looking until you find that little guy. 
Then, Mama Raccoon gives her baby a BIG hug!


  1. I love this, Amy! May I add it to my Little Mouse Renditions round-up on Jbrary?

    1. of course, Lindsey!!!! PS i'm the BIGGEST jbrary fan ever!!! you guys are AMAZING!!!

    2. Thanks so much! You're pretty swell too :)