Friday, September 30, 2016

Flannel Friday: colorful squirrels

This is felt story for fall that was inspired by of one of my favorite flannel boards EVER called "Make a Rainbow" or "Magical Rainbow Stew." As you sing the verses, the fruits change to strips of color and form a beautiful rainbow. The kids always love it and so do I! I've also seen similar flannel boards for Mouse Paint where the mice are dipped into paint cans and come out different colors. These stories are really magical!

First, I showed everyone my tree stump. 
Guess who lives here in this tree stump? My friend Brown Squirrel lives here. See the cute little door?

There is a song we can sing to make Brown Squirrel change to a different color, let’s try it!

Put a squirrel in the magic tree stump! 
Shake it, shake it, shake it a bunch!
Take him out and what do you see?
A cute little squirrel as RED as can be!

Of course, I had squirrels of all different colors hiding in the stump and I just switched them out for the brown squirrels as we sang and put them up on the felt board one at a time. Magic! 

Do you see any other squirrels in the room? 

Before class, I hid four other brown squirrels around the room but close by so they would be easy to grab.

Repeat with other squirrels. At the end, we counted up all of our colorful squirrels. 

Some of the kids were really mesmerized!

My squirrels are laminated clipart from Etsy but felt ones would be amazing! 

My tree stump is actually a flower pot that I found on Amazon! It is ceramic so it requires a little extra TLC. I had to be extra careful to keep it out of the reach of the little ones. If I have time someday, I might try to make something less breakable, maybe from a brown bucket or something? For now, it worked fine!

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