Friday, August 5, 2016

flannel friday: Bear at the Beach

This is my friend Bear. Can you say hello to her? 

Hi, Bear!

She is going to the beach today! Let's help her get ready!

What should Bear wear to the beach – a snowsuit OR her swimsuit?

(I held up the items and let the kids decide. sometimes they needed a little help!)

What will Bear need at the beach – her mittens or her sunglasses?

Will Bear want to warm up with hot cocoa at the beach or cool off with a super duper ice cream cone?

What will Bear play with at the beach – her beach ball or her sled?

Looks like Bear is ready for a fun day in the sun!

I based this adorable felt story on one i found HERE at Storytime Thoughts.

We read books about the beach and for our craft, we made Beach Bear puppets!

Kids colored a card stock bear, then attached a beach ball & popsicle stick.

For more on this program and a link to the beach bear coloring page, check out my post HERE.

Thanks for reading!

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