Thursday, August 18, 2016

baby & me: having a ball!

Mystery Box: Inside our mystery box, we found three BALLS! Let’s count them together! One - two - three!!!

Books We Read:
Baby Loves Sports- Duo Press
Where is Baby’s Beach Ball- Katz
Circles – Yonezu (no time! saving for upcoming CIRCLES themed class)

Flannel Story: Little Ball, BIG BALL!

See the awesome Flannel Friday post HERE.

A nice group with tons of participation today despite the gray skies and humid weather outside. Our group was a little bit smaller than usual so I brought out the parachute just to try something different and everyone LOVED it! Hoping to work it back into my regular rotation again but sometimes I get intimidated by the large size of the group. It was a perfect lead in to "We're Marching to the Drum" because many people were already standing!

We're marching to the drum, we're marching to the drum
hi ho the derri-o, we're marching to the drum!

We're marching very fast....
We're marching very slooooowwwww...

Then, I repeat it one more time because I like to end on fast instead of slow! I love my lollipop drum; it's very colorful and eye-catching plus the sound is not annoying at all. The babies like it too!

Image result for lollipop drum,
I purchased one from Amazon long long ago & it was a great purchase!

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