Thursday, July 7, 2016

baby & me: let's play!

Mystery Box: Inside our mystery box, we found a yellow scarf! What do we do with a scarf? PLAY peekaboo!

Prop Song: This Is How We Play 

I thought up this little twist on a scarf song that we sometimes sing called "This is the Way We Wash."

This is how we play PEEKABOO,
This is how we play PEEKABOO
So early in the morning

In my box, I also have a ball!

This is how we toss a ball, toss a ball….

And here is my drum!

This is how we play the drum, play the drum….

And don't forget about Mr. Bear...

This is how we hug a friend, hug a friend...

Books We Read: 
Tap Tap: Guess the Toy (What’s that Noise) - Cocoretto
Wild Playtime- Dicmas

Flannel Story: Wagon Friends

I found this cute clip art to go with the song “Bouncing Up and Down in My Little Red Wagon.”

I asked “Who’s sitting in our red wagon? A Pig! What does a Pig say?”

Then we sang:
Bouncing up & down in my little red wagon
Bouncing up & down in my little red wagon
Bouncing up & down in my little red wagon

We also sang verses for Kitty and Doggie. So fun!

A great sized group of about 17 babies today with a bunch of new faces. I was a little nervous about today's theme but everything went really well. The books were fun and the flannel board was awesome.

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