Friday, May 6, 2016

toddler time: party all the time

Mystery Box: Inside our polka dotted box, we found a present! 
What is inside? 

It’s a puppy, do you want to see him? 
Maybe if we sing he will come out…

I had long coveted this discontinued folkmanis puppet so I purchased it on ebay for way more than I wanted for something used. But I have to admit, it was so worth it! The toddlers were fascinated for some reason! One child asked me the puppy's name and on the spot, I decided "Popcorn!"

I first read about this guy at So Tomorrow (click HERE) and she has a really cute song that I changed up just a little bit.

Puppet Song:
Little puppy in a box sitting so still
Will he pop out?
Yes he will!
He barks to the left WOOF WOOF
He barks to the right WOOF WOOF
He barks straight ahead (WOOF WOOF)
Then he pops out of sight!
Bye Puppy!

I let everyone pet the puppy puppet before we said goodbye to him.

Books We Read:
Where Are You Going Maisy- Cousins
Spot’s Birthday Party- Hill
One Two Buckle My Shoe- Cabrera

Flannel Board: Three Presents for Mouse

I found this adorable idea HERE.

Today is Mouse’s birthday and she is having a party!
Look at all her presents: we have  1 – 2 – 3!
Mouse really hopes that she gets her favorite thing: a big piece of cheese – YUM!

Let’s see what’s in the first present:  looks like a red triangle, is it cheese? – a party hat! Let’s put it on!

What is inside Present #2?
Something yellow, is it cheese? No, it is round – a yellow balloon!

What could the last present be?
It is yellow just like like cheese!
It is a triangle just like cheese!
SNIFF SNIFF -- It’s kind of smelly, just like cheese!
Oh boy, CHEESE, just what Mouse really wanted!
Happy birthday Mouse!

It was so fun to make a party hat for my Mouse puppet! Felt didn't stand up right so there is adhesive foam under the hat to make it more firm. 

Craft: Paper Plate Party Hats

This was a last minute idea a few days before my program. I wasn't sure how it would go but it was amazing! Everyone LOVED it! I pre-cut the paper plates in advance. The kids colored and decorated with round colorful stickers. They came out so cute!! I found the idea & easy instructions HERE.

I had the party theme on my "to do" list for a while now. Then, a couple of weeks ago, a wonderful mom asked if she could bring in treats for her daughter's upcoming birthday so it seemed like the perfect day. We actually had two other birthday girls in our first session so we sang happy birthday to everyone; it felt like a party. I LOVED my puppet and the flannel board, and the craft was awesome. We had smaller groups than last week due to a terribly rainy day but everything went so well. A super fun theme!

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