Friday, May 27, 2016

toddler time: delightful dinosaurs

Mystery Box: Inside our polka dotted box, we found an egg! What could be inside our egg? It’s a baby DINOSAUR! Many kids came up to pet this little guy.

Puppet Rhyme: DINOSAUR EGG from
Inside her egg shell, white and round,
Baby dinosaur is safe and sound.
But she wants to come out into the light ,
So she pushes and shoves with all her might.
Her shell soon cracks and creaks and pops,
One big jump and out she pops!

(Adapted from a poem by Margo Miller)

I passed out plastic eggs with little felt dinosaurs in them. Went great in the first session but some of the kids in the second group were kind of distracted by them. Maybe hand them out at the end of the program instead?

Books We Read: 
Little Dinos Don't Bite- Dahl (love this!) 
Dinosaurs Galore- Stickland

Flannel Board:  Little Dinosaur, Are You Hiding Behind This Door?

I put 5 clip art doors on my board and we looked for Orange Dino's friend. We found Green Dino under the pink door today.

Craft: Stand Up Dinosaurs

I passed out colorful construction paper dinosaur bodies for the kids to color. Then, I passed out paper legs. Parents taped them into a circle shape, then cut two slits for the dino body to rest in. Really cute and easy. I found this idea @Sunflower Storytime (one of my most FAVORITE blogs ever!!!) and planned to use paper towel rolls for legs. I'm a weirdo tho because the brown legs just bothered me and honestly, it was quicker and easier to cut construction paper legs on our paper cutter than to cut all the paper towel tubes! so it all worked out!

Two nice sized groups today. Had to ask adults in both groups for quiet due to chatting. I hate HATE HATE to single people out but if they insist on chatting, then I am just not going to feel bad for saying something, in a nice way of course. Today's flannel board really held their interest and I liked the craft too. I felt like I was doing too many "5 Little ________s" felt boards every week and the kids were getting bored so I'm making a real effort to change my flannel boards up a little now.

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