Friday, May 27, 2016

toddler time: delightful dinosaurs

Mystery Box: Inside our polka dotted box, we found an egg! What could be inside our egg? It’s a baby DINOSAUR! Many kids came up to pet this little guy.

Puppet Rhyme: DINOSAUR EGG from
Inside her egg shell, white and round,
Baby dinosaur is safe and sound.
But she wants to come out into the light ,
So she pushes and shoves with all her might.
Her shell soon cracks and creaks and pops,
One big jump and out she pops!

(Adapted from a poem by Margo Miller)

I passed out plastic eggs with little felt dinosaurs in them. Went great in the first session but some of the kids in the second group were kind of distracted by them. Maybe hand them out at the end of the program instead?

Books We Read: 
Little Dinos Don't Bite- Dahl (love this!) 
Dinosaurs Galore- Stickland

Flannel Board:  Little Dinosaur, Are You Hiding Behind This Door?

I put 5 clip art doors on my board and we looked for Orange Dino's friend. We found Green Dino under the pink door today.

Craft: Stand Up Dinosaurs

I passed out colorful construction paper dinosaur bodies for the kids to color. Then, I passed out paper legs. Parents taped them into a circle shape, then cut two slits for the dino body to rest in. Really cute and easy. I found this idea @Sunflower Storytime (one of my most FAVORITE blogs ever!!!) and planned to use paper towel rolls for legs. I'm a weirdo tho because the brown legs just bothered me and honestly, it was quicker and easier to cut construction paper legs on our paper cutter than to cut all the paper towel tubes! so it all worked out!

Two nice sized groups today. Had to ask adults in both groups for quiet due to chatting. I hate HATE HATE to single people out but if they insist on chatting, then I am just not going to feel bad for saying something, in a nice way of course. Today's flannel board really held their interest and I liked the craft too. I felt like I was doing too many "5 Little ________s" felt boards every week and the kids were getting bored so I'm making a real effort to change my flannel boards up a little now.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

baby & me: bugs & blooms

Mystery Box: Inside our mystery box, we found a ladybug & a bumble bee! 

Puppet Song: I Have a Little Ladybug from Jbrary (with an additional verse for Bumble Bee)

(tune: Mary Had a Little Lamb)

I have a little ladybug,
ladybug, ladybug
I have a little ladybug,
It’s wings are black and red.

See the little ladybug,
Ladybug, ladybug.
See the little ladybug
Flying here and there.

Now it’s landing on the ground,
On the ground, on the ground.
Now it’s landing on the ground
And crawling everywhere.

I repeated for the bumble bee puppet:

I have a little bumblebee,
bumblebee, bumblebee
I have a little bumble,
It is yellow and black.

See the little bumble bee,
bumble bee, bumble bee.
See the little bumblebee
buzzing here and there.

Now it’s landing on my arm,
On my arm, on my arm.
Now it’s landing on my arm
And buzzing everywhere.

Books We Read: 
Buzz Buzz Baby- Katz
Guess What: Flowers- Yonezu

Flannel Story: Hide and Seek Bumble Bee

A bumble bee is hiding under one of these flowers, let’s find him!

I’m looking for a bumblebee
We’re playing hide and seek!
Is he hiding under the yellow flower?
Let’s take a peek!

A great class today with lots of participation. A little bit chatty at times but not too bad! About 22 babies. I loved the puppet song and books, but the flannel board was just ok today. Many of the parents told me that their babies love my songs and they sing them together all the time at home! One mom told me that my class is the highlight of her daughter's week. So nice to hear!! 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

toddler time: animal sounds

Mystery Box: Inside our polka dotted box, we found a barn! Who lives in a barn? Farm animals!

I have some farm animals to show you today!

There are small animals in the barn that I usually show the kids but for today, I put them barn away and used some larger puppets instead so that I could sing our next song. 

Puppet Song: Hickory Dickory Dare (From Jbrary)

Hickory Dickory Dare
The chicken flew up in the air!
Farmer Brown brought him down
Hickory Dickory Dare!

Repeat with pig, sheep, and dog puppets. Most of these puppets make a noise and the kids liked hearing them, some wanted to pet them too.

Books We Read: 

Old MacDonald- Souhani
Can You Growl Like a Bear- Butler
I Say, You Say: Animal Sounds- Carpenter

Flannel Board: There's Something In My Barn

I found this great idea HERE with a garden theme. I switched it up for farm animals today and used this cute peekaboo board from Lakeshore Learning instead of a flannel board. I also used an app on my phone to make the noises for each animal. 

There’s something in my barn
That I can’t really see
There’s something in my barn?
What could it be?
It sounds like….
I would make the noise on the Animal Sounds App and everyone would guess or wait for the reveal.

I'm so sad to see this item has been discontinued; it's awesome!

Craft: Farm Animal Sound Wheels

I have been wracking my brain all week but I cannot remember where I got this cute craft! I am pretty sure it was posted somewhere so I printed and cut them in advance. Kids colored the animals and then I attached the two circles with a paper fastener. I also taped over the fastener for safety.

We had a HUGE group and a medium size group today and I think a total of around 40 kids. Things went well and even some minor chatting was mostly tolerable. I loved the puppet song the best and of course it was an extremely last minute addition!! A fun day. One mom told me that her daughter loves the weather wheel we did a few weeks ago and they use it all the time which made my day!!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

baby & me: peek-a-boo to baby!

Mystery Box: Inside our mystery box, we found a garbage can! 
Who is hiding in there? It’s Raccoon! 
Let’s play Peek-a-boo with him!

Puppet Song:
Where’s Raccoon? Peek-a-BOO!
Where’s Raccoon? Peek-a-BOO!
Where’s Raccoon? Peek-a-BOO!
Peek-a-boo Raccoon!

Books We Read: 
Peek-a-Baby- Katz
Peek A Boo- Gomi

Flannel Story: Peekaboo Animals

Some friends are hiding under these shapes today!

Who is hiding under the purple square? 
It's CAT! Hi, Cat!

Who is peeking out from the green triangle?
It's Squirrel! Hello, Squirrel!

Repeat with each shape/animal.

A beautiful spring day, finally! We had a nice group of about 20 babies including a few new faces! Everyone loved the Katz book, especially the babies. The Folkmanis Raccoon puppet was cute too! A nice theme for this age group.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

baby & me: reach for the sky!

Mystery Box: Inside our mystery box, we found three things: a cloud, a bird, & an airplane!

Puppet Song: Did You Ever See a Cloud?

Did you ever see a cloud, a cloud, a cloud?
Did you ever seen a cloud drift up in the sky?
Drift this way and that way and this way and that way.
Did you ever see a cloud drift up in the sky?

Repeat with Bird/Fly and Airplane/Zoom

Books We Read: 
Higher Higher- Patricelli
Twinkle Twinkle- Cabrera (I did not sing the text on each page because it would be very long. Instead, we all sang the regular verses while I flipped the pages. Worked great!)

Flannel Story: Zoom Zoom Zoom, We're Going to the Moon!

I saw this on Jbrary and fell in LOVE! We did all three verses while I put the felt pieces on the board. The babies bounced along during the verses. At the BLAST OFF part, I lifted my flannel board high in the air and many of the parents started lifting their babies at that part too. Next week, we will do this one again without the flannel board and I will use the motions. LOVED it!

Zoom Zoom Zoom, we're going to the moon.
Zoom Zoom Zoom, we're going to the moon.
If you want to take a trip, climb aboard my rocket ship
Zoom Zoom Zoom, we're going to the moon
in 5 4 3 2 1-- BLAST OFF!

Repeat with Far/Star and Fun/Sun

A great group today, a little wild at times but a really fun morning with a wonderful theme! About 22 babies which is a good number!

Friday, May 6, 2016

toddler time: party all the time

Mystery Box: Inside our polka dotted box, we found a present! 
What is inside? 

It’s a puppy, do you want to see him? 
Maybe if we sing he will come out…

I had long coveted this discontinued folkmanis puppet so I purchased it on ebay for way more than I wanted for something used. But I have to admit, it was so worth it! The toddlers were fascinated for some reason! One child asked me the puppy's name and on the spot, I decided "Popcorn!"

I first read about this guy at So Tomorrow (click HERE) and she has a really cute song that I changed up just a little bit.

Puppet Song:
Little puppy in a box sitting so still
Will he pop out?
Yes he will!
He barks to the left WOOF WOOF
He barks to the right WOOF WOOF
He barks straight ahead (WOOF WOOF)
Then he pops out of sight!
Bye Puppy!

I let everyone pet the puppy puppet before we said goodbye to him.

Books We Read:
Where Are You Going Maisy- Cousins
Spot’s Birthday Party- Hill
One Two Buckle My Shoe- Cabrera

Flannel Board: Three Presents for Mouse

I found this adorable idea HERE.

Today is Mouse’s birthday and she is having a party!
Look at all her presents: we have  1 – 2 – 3!
Mouse really hopes that she gets her favorite thing: a big piece of cheese – YUM!

Let’s see what’s in the first present:  looks like a red triangle, is it cheese? – a party hat! Let’s put it on!

What is inside Present #2?
Something yellow, is it cheese? No, it is round – a yellow balloon!

What could the last present be?
It is yellow just like like cheese!
It is a triangle just like cheese!
SNIFF SNIFF -- It’s kind of smelly, just like cheese!
Oh boy, CHEESE, just what Mouse really wanted!
Happy birthday Mouse!

It was so fun to make a party hat for my Mouse puppet! Felt didn't stand up right so there is adhesive foam under the hat to make it more firm. 

Craft: Paper Plate Party Hats

This was a last minute idea a few days before my program. I wasn't sure how it would go but it was amazing! Everyone LOVED it! I pre-cut the paper plates in advance. The kids colored and decorated with round colorful stickers. They came out so cute!! I found the idea & easy instructions HERE.

I had the party theme on my "to do" list for a while now. Then, a couple of weeks ago, a wonderful mom asked if she could bring in treats for her daughter's upcoming birthday so it seemed like the perfect day. We actually had two other birthday girls in our first session so we sang happy birthday to everyone; it felt like a party. I LOVED my puppet and the flannel board, and the craft was awesome. We had smaller groups than last week due to a terribly rainy day but everything went so well. A super fun theme!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

baby & me: baby animals

Mystery Box: Inside our mystery box, we found a duck! What does a duck say? And here are her baby ducklings!

Puppet Song: 5 Little Ducks

5 little ducks went out one day
Over the hills and far away
But the Mama Duck said QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK!
But only 4 little ducks came back.

Countdown to 0 ducks

Sad Mama Duck went out one day
Over the hills and far away
And all of her little baby ducks came back

Books We Read: 
Little White Fish- Van Genechten (I LOVE the big, colorful illustrations in this book and the text is great too.)

Flannel Story: Baby Animals, What Do You See?

I have some baby animals to show you today.

Baby Lion, Baby Lion, what do you see? 
I see a Mama Lion looking at me!

Repeat with all the other mamas and babies.

We had a HUGE group today and everyone loved the mother/baby theme! All the moms were singing along, it was amazing!! Right before I brought out the toys, the moms gave me the most beautiful bouquet of roses and thanked me for all my hard work. I almost cried! Someone out there might love their job more than me but I highly doubt it; I am so lucky.