Friday, April 1, 2016

toddler time: here is a bunny

Mystery Box: Inside our polka dotted box, we found a black hat! What do we do with a hat? We put it on our heads, right? 

Oh wait, there is something inside this hat, what could it be? Oh no! there’s a BUNNY in here?!!! What color is our bunny rabbit?

It was a tough decision but I opted for the Bunny in a Hat puppet today.
Gray Bunny was used later for the flannel board.

This bunny has a song, it goes like this:

Here is a bunny
With ears so funny
And here is his magical hat.
When a noise he hears
He pricks up his ears 
And he jumps in his magical hat.

Always a hit with the little ones! Then I passed out white paper bunnies to everybody and we did:

Hop your bunny up high
Hop him down low
Hop your bunny side to side
Hop him all around
Hop him on your shoulder
Hop him on your head
Hop him on your belly
And put your bunny to bed. 

Good night bunnies! 

Books We Read: 
The Bunny Rabbit Show- Boynton (I sang it to a girl scout song called “There’s Something in my Pocket” and pulled out bunny ears for the ending but no one was interested at all. Well, maybe a few kids but not many. Very sad.
I Love My Bunny – Church (no interest either??!!!!!)

Flannel Board: Five Little Bunnies from Ram Sam Storytime)

I found this idea yesterday and thought it was perfect for today. I had 5 felt bunnies all ready ready to go and a cute bunny puppet to fill in as Mama Bunny. This is a variation on Five Little Ducks that I Once Knew.

Once there were five bunnies living in a tree stump with their Mama.

Five little bunnies one spring day
went to a carrot patch far away
Mama Bunny called thump thump thump thump (stomp foot)
but only 4 came back to the stump.

See the link above for the rest of the song and a happy ending for our bunny family. So cute! I shortened it to 3 bunnies for the second session but still had little interest from either group. Sigh...

Bunny Song:

We usually end with "If You're Happy and You Know It" but switched it up a little today.

If you're hoppy and you know it give a hop!
If you're hoppy and you know it give a hop!
If you're hoppy and you know it and you really want to show it
If you're hoppy and you know it give a hop!

(repeat with Wiggle Your Ears and Shake Your Tail)

Craft: Pompom Bunnies

I printed bunnies on cardstock and pre-cut them so kids could just color. We used glue dots – best invention ever! - to attach a cute pompom tail. So easy! kids seemed to really like playing with the pompoms.

We had two small-ish sessions today with about 12 or so kids each. I was so excited for this theme but it was close to impossible to keep anyone's attention. Just nothing worked. maybe everyone is all bunnied out since Easter is over?!!! I missed last week for a family function so i had to push back. 

I tried to focus on the few that were listening to me. One little boy in the early session refuses to look at me at all each week but settles down by the very end of the craft. One adult popped open the crayon box for her toddler in the middle of my program and skipped the whole rest of the class. It distracts everyone else and really bugs me. Not a great day for some reason. maybe next week will be better. 

(And probably no more crayon boxes on the table until craft time for a while. she may think she is smart but i am smarter.)

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