Friday, April 1, 2016

baby & me: baby cakes

Mystery Box: Inside our mystery box, we found a cupcake!  Who likes cupcakes???

I sang this to the tune of I'm a Little Teapot:

I’m a little cupcake short & sweet
Very tasty and fun to eat
If you like frosting with all your might
Pick me up & take a bite!

Books We Read: 
You Are My Little Cupcake- Wan (just ok for me)
Baby Cakes- Wilson

Flannel Story: Where is Cupcake??

Hide a small cupcake under a felt shape and sing to the tune of Frere Jacques. My cupcake is a foamie one that I gave a face of wiggly eyes and a smile. He has a velcro dot on the back to make him stick to the flannel board.

Where is cupcake? Where is cupcake?
Here I am, here I am
Hiding under blue square, hiding under blue square
Look and see, look and see.

Baby & Me class has just exploded this month with 25 infants this week. I liked this cute theme but would choose a different book next time. This one is too small for a very large group and not as interactive as I would have liked. 

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