Thursday, April 14, 2016

baby & me: baby blue

Mystery Box: Inside our mystery box, we found a BLUE butterfly and a blue scarf!

Puppet Song: 

Flutter, flutter butterfly
Floating in the deep blue sky
Floating by for all to see,
Floating by so merrily.
Flutter, flutter, butterfly,
Floating in the deep blue sky.

Books We Read: 
What Is Blue- Scholastic Rookie Toddler
Hi Blueberry- Saltzberg
More Blueberries- Musgrave

Flannel Story: 2 Little Bluebirds

2 little bluebirds sitting on a hill
1 named Jack, 1 named Jill
Fly away Jack, Fly away Jill
Come back Jack, Come back Jill
2 little blue birds sitting on a hill
1 named Jack, 1 named Jill

Great group today, about 18 babies. I totally blanked on the words to my puppet song but just made them up as I went along! No one seemed to notice. I'm noticing that many of my babies are around 19 months old right now, hoping many will transition to the Toddler program on Fridays soon!

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