Friday, March 4, 2016

toddler time: animal tails

Mystery Box: Inside our mystery box, we found a monkey! Does a monkey have eyes? Does a monkey have ears? Does a monkey have a TAIL?

Monkey has some friends here today.Who else has a tail? 
Does Bunny? What color is his tail?
How about Squirrel? 
And Fish? 
And Mouse? 
Where is Froggy's tail?

I let all the kids who wanted to come up front and touch the puppet tails. It was really fun!!

Books We Read: 
Funny Tails- Slegers (really kept their attention!)
Tails Chasing Tails- Porter (fun, we did the animal noises on most pages)
Spots, Feathers and Curly Tails- Tafuri
Who Has This Tail?- Hulbert

Flannel Board: Bunny Tail Matching

I told the kids that I had some bunnies to show them and we put them up on the felt board.

Oh no, what are our bunnies missing???? Where are their tails????

I have some tails, let's match them up with the right bunny rabbit.

I held up a pom pom with a velcro dot, one at a time. We named the color and matched it to the rabbit of the same color. It was super fun! then we counted all our bunnies 1 to 8.

I found this idea HERE. And also HERE, with instructions and a free printable!

Craft: Monkeys with pipe cleaner tails

I printed these tail-less monkeys on cardstock & our staff pre-cut them for me. The kids colored and taped a long pipe cleaner tail on it. Also, added a popsicle stick to make a monkey puppet.

This was a very fun theme. I loved our tail discussion and the Slegers book. The bunny tail matching was great. 

Things I Learned:
1. I do not need a hand out item for every theme; it was fine!
2. I do not need a big song or rhyme for every theme; talking is fine too!

I was afraid this craft might be lame but everyone loved it!! a wonderful day, two small-ish groups of about 12 kids each (some snow arrived this morning. i'm ready for spring!)

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