Friday, February 26, 2016

toddler time: fun in the tub (bathtime)

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a rubber duckie and a washcloth – when do you need these? At BATHTIME! 

What does a duck say? What color is our washcloth?

Bath Song: All Thru My Bath Time from So Tomorrow
Tune: Wheels on the Bus

The bubbles in the tub go, (blow bubbles for this verse)
Pop, pop, pop! Pop, pop, pop!
Pop, pop, pop!
The bubbles in the tub go pop, pop,pop!
All through my bath time! 

The washcloth in the tub goes scrub, scrub, scrub... 
The ducky in the tub goes quack, quack, quack... 

We handed out little yellow ducks (from OTC) to all the kids. These were kind of a mixed success, cute but noisy if they banged them around or dropped them on the tile floor. Maybe use paper ducks next time! We said our usual rhyme:

Put your duck UP, put your duck DOWN
Hold your duck and turn around!
Put your duck UP, put your duck DOWN
Put your duck down on the ground.

Books We Read: 
Get Out of My Bath- Teckentrup (LOVE it! had to shorten the text a little but so cute)
Maisy’s Bath- Cousins (really held their attention!)

Flannel Board: Five Rubber Duckies

5 rubber ducks came out to play
Battling the waves in the tub today
Along came a SPLASH that sent one to shore
And then he/she couldn’t play anymore.

No, that's not an unfortunate looking blue flower -- it's a splash!

No ducks, just 5 water splashes at the end.

I found this rhyme on Etsy. (Sometimes, I look at the flannels for sale to find ideas to "borrow". Occasionally,  I actually buy things too – so much great stuff on that site.)

We had fun with this rhyme, counting ducks, replacing each one with a splash of blue water, discussing the color of the duck and waving goodbye to each one when I removed it from the board. Bye purple duckie!

Craft: Bath Buddies

I love the printable animals on this website. I shrunk everything slightly, printed the bathtubs on paper and the animals on cardstock. 

I trimmed the bathtubs and taped them in advance to make a little pocket for the animal so it looks like it’s in the tub. Kids just colored and grownups cut. JUST SOOOO CUTE!! Might be great with printable envelopes if you wanted to skip the taping part.

This theme was so fun!!I loved my flannel song and the bath buddies craft. Also, the song with the bubbles and the duck were great. They were not expecting me to blow bubbles then so it was a cute surprise. We had two nice sized groups of about 15 kids. A fun day!

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