Friday, February 26, 2016

flannel friday: Five Rubber Ducks

Bath Time was our Toddler theme for today!

Five Rubber Ducks
5 rubber ducks came out to play 
(show 5 fingers)
Battling the waves in the tub today 
(make wave motion with your hand)
Along came a SPLASH that sent one to shore 
(replace duck with felt splash)
And then he/she couldn’t play anymore. 

No, that's not an unfortunate looking blue flower -- it's a splash!

Repeat until all the ducks have left the bathtub.

I saw this rhyme on Etsy and it was tons of fun!

We counted our ducks and also said the color. Then, we waved goodbye to each one as I removed it from the felt board. "Bye purple duckie!" -- they really loved that part.

For our craft, we made Bath Buddies, printed from For more info & a link, check out my post HERE

Thanks for reading!

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