Thursday, February 11, 2016

baby & me: love, love, love!

Mystery Box: Inside our mystery box, we found 2 birds!  What color are they? RED! They are LOVE birds!!!

I use these guys every year for Valentine’s Day. Love them!

Puppet Rhyme: 

2 little love birds sitting in a tree
1 named Doug, one named Dee
Fly away Doug, Fly away Dee!
Come Back Doug, Come back Dee!

The babies were fascinated!!

Books We Read: 
Hugs and Kisses- Intrater (short & sweet!!!)
Where is Baby’s Valentine?- Katz (great)

Flannel Story: I’m a Little Love Bug

I was TOTALLY inspired by a recent Flannel Friday post found on Read, Rhyme and Sing. All of my moms loved this guy, too!!

(One change: I traded in the hair for hands!)

Sweet Song for Valentine’s Day:

This was a last minute addition to my program and I just LOVE it! From Jbrary of course! They always come through for me. Here is the youtube link.

Love Somebody Yes I Do 
Love somebody yes I do,
Love somebody yes I do,
Love somebody yes I do
but I won't tell who.

Jiggle like jelly yes I will,
jiggle like jelly yes I will,
Jiggle like jelly yes I will,
Jiggle like jelly
'cause I can't sit still.

Climb a ladder, oh so high,
climb a ladder oh so high
Climb a ladder oh so high
till I touch the sky.

This is a keeper I will do every week!! At least for a while! Sooo cute.

A bitter cold day in the Northeast today so we had a smaller group of about 11 babies, which was fine with me! A LOVE-ly morning!! One super-nice mother told me that her son has been singing many of our songs at home which makes me sooooo happy.

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