Friday, February 5, 2016

baby & me: building with blocks

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found blocks!  What color are they? Let’s count them together.

Books We Read: 
Moving Blocks- Yonezu (fun!)
Playing- Slegers

Flannel Story: 5 Building Blocks

 I know I got this rhyme from somewhere but I’m not sure where.

I put the blocks on one at a time as I said the rhyme. These blocks were just printed from clipart and laminated.

1 lonely building block feeling so blue
I’ll stack another one
Now there are 2!

2 building blocks as tall as a tree
I’ll stack another one
Now there are 3

3 building blocks, look! I found one more.
I’ll stack it here and
 now there are 4

4 building blocks, my tower is so high.
I’ll stack one more
Now there are 5

5 building blocks, I can’t fit anymore.
Let’s have some fun and
Knock them to the floor!!!

Ready? 1-2-3!

We played with the parachute today so I skipped a puppet rhyme. Nice to try something different.

Great turn out today, 17 babies attended. This was a fun theme and everyone loved the parachute. After class, one new mom told me that she was "shocked" by how good today's program was. A nice compliment!

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