Thursday, February 18, 2016

baby & me: all about opposites

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found 2 cats!  A big one and a little one.What does a cat say?

Puppet Rhyme:

Where is Big Cat? Where is Big Cat?
Here I am, here I am!
How are you today, Cat?
Very well, I thank you.
Meow meow meow!

Repeat with Little Cat.

Books We Read:
Opposites- Carle (okay, nice art)
Tall and Short- Litton (loved this one!)
Horsey Up and Horsey Down- Church

Puppet Rhyme #2: Roley Poley with my Hedgehog puppet

First, we hide the hedgehog in a scarf.
Where is hedgehog? PEEKABOO!
Where is hedgehog? PEEKABOO!
Where is hedgehog? PEEKABOO!
PEEKABOO to Hedgehog!

Roley Poley, Roley, Poley
Up Up Up, Up Up Up!
Roley Roley Poley
Roley Roley Poley
Down Down Down! Down Down Down!
(tune: Frere Jacques)
(repeat with In & Out AND Fast & Slow!)
I learned this one on Jbrary!

Flannel Story: 1 2 3 Bears

A little bear, a bigger bear, a great big bear I see.
Shall we count them? Are you ready?
1 2 3!

School is out here this week so we had lots of siblings and families that we don't see all the time. TONS of people! This was a good theme though and everything was under control, so a good day!

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