Friday, December 4, 2015

toddler time: get on your feet!

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a shoe! What color is our shoe? 

Oh no, there's something in my shoe! It's a mouse!!! 

Do you wear shoes on your FEET? Do you wear socks on your feet?
I passed out little felt socks to all the kids & we did our weekly rhyme.

Put your sock UP, put your sock DOWN
Hold your sock and turn around!
Put your sock UP, put your sock DOWN
Put your sock down on the ground.

Books We Read:
Whose Feet- Rowe (love it!)

Fantastic Feet Song: Everyone Knows I Love My Toes 

by Jbrary (cute video here)

Everybody knows I love my toes.
Everybody knows I love my toes.
I love my shoulders, my knees, my elbows, and my nose.
But everybody knows I love my toes.

We also did foot/tush AND shoe/you -- 2nd and 3rd verses courtesy of Miss Meg!

Flannel Board Story: Matching Socks Game

No special rhyme today, I just pulled the socks out of my mini washing machine and we made matches. Then we counted how many pairs we had on the felt board. Really kept their attention. Parents LOVED the tiny washing machine too! Many of the kids brought their felt socks to the board and we put them all up.

Puppet Story: I Went Walking

I did a "live" version of this book & pulled toys out of my basket one at a time.

I went walking.
what did you see?
I saw a pink pig following me!

Repeat with whatever puppets or stuffed animals you have on hand. 
We did: yellow duck, black cat, red dog and green frog. 
To finish, we counted the animals together.

Craft: Little Feet on paper plates

We traced the kids’ feet on half sheets of construction paper, then cut them out and glued them to a plate with this sweet poem. Parents seemed skeptical at first but loved the poem part. 

No one wanted to take off shoes so the feet were much bigger than I expected & had to bring out bigger plates LOL!

Nice groups today, good sizes but not too much! Everyone loved the new toys from Lakeshore. Great theme! 

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