Friday, December 11, 2015

flannel friday: do you want to feed a reindeer?

At my toddler program today, our theme was reindeer! I thought it might be fun for the kids to feed one!

I found this idea and even some adorable printable food here

My reindeer is just a small brown shipping box with a face, antlers and nose cut from foam sheets. The eyes are felt. You could make a red nosed reindeer too if you prefer! I did have to back the antlers with cardboard so they wouldn't be floppy.

The face is only glued down on the top so we can lift the bottom part and feed the reindeer.

When I passed out the reindeer food, I mentioned there were numbers and letters on it, what do you have? I figured it wouldn't hurt to sneak in a tiny bit of letter/number recognition! It was cool to hear the parents and kids discuss this as I moved around the room to each child.

All the kids fed their reindeer food to my reindeer friend who was super hungry today! For more on my reindeer themed program, check out my post HERE.

thanks for reading and happy holidays to all!

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