Friday, October 23, 2015

toddler time: monster mayhem

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a monster!

Session #1 found a purple monster reading a book, while the second group discovered a well-known red monster named Elmo, LOL! I was feeling indecisive today so I decided to use both!

I passed out paper monsters to all the kids & we did our weekly rhyme.

Put your monster UP, put your monster DOWN
Hold your monster and turn around!
Put your monster UP, put your monster DOWN
Put your monster down on the ground.

Marvelous Monster Movement:
Monster, Monster, turn around!
Monster, Monster, touch the ground!
Monster, Monster, reach up high!
Monster, Monster, point at the sky!
Monster, Monster, touch your nose!
Monster, Monster, touch your toes!
Monster, Monster, touch your knees!
Monster, Monster, clap your hands please!

Books We Read:
Go Away Big Green Monster- Emberley ( a classic!!)
Monster, Monster- Walsh (1st session only)
The Monsters on the Bus- Sesame Street

Felt Story: Monster on My Sandwich

So, I had a great flannel board all set for this week and then, I saw THIS and I had to have it!! It is so awesome!!! 

I printed a sandwich, an apple, a banana and an ice cream cone on my color printer but anything would work. And, I found a cute monster, too! 

I put all the pieces in my lunch bag and in the middle of the program announced that I was getting soooo hungry! 

As soon as I pulled out my lunch bag,the room turned totally silent. You could’ve heard a pin drop! I think the kids really believed I was going to start eating right there. Either that or they were completely dazzled by my awesome lunch bag!

Anyway, I pulled out my laminated food one at a time and put it up on the board. I left the monster in the lunch bag until I was ready for him each time.

Now it's almost time for lunch, but….
UH OH!!!!
there's a monster on my sandwich!
(C’mon, help me scare him away...)
Monster, YOU GET OFF!
[shake fist dramatically each time]
Monster, YOU GET OFF!
Monster, YOU GET OFF!
Get off of my sandwich.
(tune: BINGO)

I removed the monster each time and explained/complained how now I couldn't eat that food after a monster touched it!

It's almost time for lunch, but there's a monster on my apple...

After we finished all my foods, I packed them all back up in my lunch bag and told everyone since I had nothing left to eat, I was going to McDonalds LOL! Soooo fun!

Craft: Monster Puppets

I found this monster online. We colored cardstock copies in all colors and put rainbow dot stickers on him. Then, we taped him to a jumbo popsicle stick.

A fantastic day with 25 kids the early session and 21 in the second one. I loved the Monsters on the Bus and so did the kids! The flannel board had to be the biggest hit of the day though!

One woman was a speech therapist and she told me that my program was perfect for the age group and that I was a genius for not forcing the kids to stay seated for my class. I said “Why would I fight them that way? They are toddlers and I know they are listening to me.” It sure was a nice compliment! Wish every program went this smoothly...

Looking forward to dressing up for Halloween next week, especially for Toddler Time!

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