Wednesday, October 7, 2015

on your mark, get set, GLOW!

After reading about some awesome programs at other libraries, I decided to plan my own "lights out", glow in the dark story & craft program. 

The Inspiration:
Steal This Story Time: Glow in the Dark
Storytime with Miss Tara and Friends

I'll start off with...THE GOOD:

The Books:
Night Light: Blechman (fun to guess)
The Very Lonely Firefly- Carle (everyone loved when we shut out the lights for the final page)
The Game of Light - Tullet (great with a flashlight)
Duck's Not Afraid of the Dark - Long (got some laughs)

The Craft:

I found this idea on Pinterest for Glow in the Dark Fireflies.

We bought glow in the dark plastic eggs from OTC. They did glow nicely for a while after lots of exposure to the sun. Unfortunately, the days before my program were pretty cloudy. So, I purchased teeny tiny glow sticks to put inside the eggs to make absolutely sure that they would glow at my program. They worked great!

I cut fabric wings and we attached them with Glue Dots. We decorated with pipe cleaner legs & antennae, and tiny sticky wiggle eyes.

Everyone LOVED the craft!

my firefly in the dark

Now, THE BAD: only 2 kids attended. TWO!!! I felt like crying.

Image result for crying meme
Exactly how I felt after this program!

7 pm may be too late for a children's program. Although I've offered evening programs successfully in the past, next time I'd probably try to start things at 6:30 instead, due to low attendance and comments from some parents. 

I like to offer evening programs occasionally since so many parents work during the day and even more importantly, I wanted it to be dark for this program. Maybe I'll try it again in the summer time!

And finally, THE UGLY: glowing is more difficult than it looks!

I found sooo many great tips about glow in the dark parties on Pinterest but the ones I tried were a huge disappointment. 

For example: glowing balloons & glowing eyes

Glow sticks put into neon balloons, blown up and tied. Maybe put in the pool??:
My balloons didn't look like this at all!
I used white balloons but they didn't glow one bit.

glow in the dark eyes from toilet paper rolls  glow sticks - (16 Easy But Awesome Homemade Halloween Decorations):
My glow sticks were not bright enough 
to create anything resembling this effect.

So, my decoration ideas turned out just awful! Luckily, I had some glow in the dark bracelets from Pier 1 to pass out that glowed great!

On the bright side, my attendees and their caregivers had a great time. They made several fireflies to take home which was nice. 

Hoping my October programs will be more successful!

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