Friday, September 11, 2015

toddler time: let's do lunch!

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found beautiful feathers!!!

I passed out feathers to all the kids & we did our weekly rhyme.

Put your feather UP, put feather DOWN
Hold your feather and turn around!
Put your feather UP, put your feather DOWN
Put your feather down on the ground.

Then, I pulled out the book Feathers for Lunch and introduced my friend Mr Cat. We listened to the bells on his collar jingle. Mr Cat eats feathers for lunch! Does that sound yummy? NO! People don't eat feathers for lunch! 

After this story, everyone put their feathers in Mr. Cat’s lunch bag so he could eat them for lunch later!! Everyone LOVED the feathers!

Books We Read: 
Feathers for Lunch- Ehlert
Worms for Lunch- Gore

Fun Food Fingerplay:
We usually do the adorable Bananas Unite Song from Jbrary in all our toddler sessions and it was perfect for today’s lunch theme!

Flannel Story: Lunch with Mouse puppet

I love love love the Lunch puppet show on Thrive after Three so much! To adapt it slightly for my toddlers today, I decided to put all the foods on the flannel board and name them first. Then we put on our binoculars and picked the food that matched the color Mouse wanted to eat. It was great, the kids loved it but next time, I might do one or two less foods as it took a while to get thru all of them.   

Craft: Lunch necklaces

I found this printable in a book so it was super easy to print on cardstock, cut and hole punch. The kids decorated with crayons, added a few sparkly star stickers and put them on a red ribbon. Very cute!

Today was kind of a hot mess. Thankfully, we had a pretty easy craft but I was not prepared for the enormous crowd at the early session. We had been getting pretty even groups but not today. 

Then, we had a hitting incident at playtime which was really upsetting. Children putting their hands on each other is absolutely not ok with me. I did not see the incident and the parent was yelling before I could intervene. Then, a mother was crying and stormed out that she was never coming back. All I could do was bring out the bubbles to distract everyone. I wish the parent would have spoken to me first so I could handle the situation privately. Now, we will have to address it next week…

Luckily, the second session was much better (and smaller LOL!) I originally planned this program around Dean Hacochen’s new book Who’s Hungry so all food related stuff. I am a HUGE fan of Tuck Me In.

LOVE this!

Then, it seemed like all my stuff was related to LUNCH so we will save the other books for another day, maybe around Thanksgiving!

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